In Moscow said goodbye to Dmitry Kogan

В Москве простились с Дмитрием Коганом In the capital held a memorial service for the famous musician. It was attended by Joseph Kobzon, Maxim Shostakovich, Valentina Tereshkova and many fans of the violinist. They told about the last days of his life.
В Москве простились с Дмитрием Коганом

Dmitri Kogan passed away on August 29 after a long battle with cancer. Today in Moscow held a memorial service, attended by hundreds of fans, as well as his colleagues on the stage.

The farewell was held in the Moscow house of music, and shortly before the funeral service was held in the Church of the mother of God “Joy of All who sorrow” in Bolshaya Ordynka.

The memorial service was attended by a close friend of Kogan Maxim Shostakovich. Son of the world famous composer barely holding back tears, telling about the career of Dmitry.

“He deeply understood music. For that I understood it and loved it. He was a radiant person, always walked with a smile. He loved people, they were happy. Always wanted to say something nice”, – shared memories Shostakovich.
В Москве простились с Дмитрием Коганом

Attended the farewell ceremony and Valentina Tereshkova. She admitted that the death of the musician for all of his friends was a shock, even though Dmitri did not hide that was seriously ill. The passing of such a talented person, in her opinion, is a great injustice.

“I want to say a special “thank you” to Dmitry from of all people living in the Yaroslavl earth. His grandfather often visited our concerts, and then Dima continued the family tradition. Yesterday we had an important event was the spoken word of farewell. We hope that his music will still be warm the hearts of caring people,” said Valentina Tereshkova from the scene.

During the ceremony of farewell music of Dmitry Kogan was shown excerpts from his stage performances. The whole scene of the Moscow house of music was Packed with flowers. Iosif Kobzon also laid to the tomb a bouquet of flowers.

The singer was familiar with Dmitry watched as his career. He noted that even in the most difficult days of Kogan did not lose hope for recovery. Kogan did not lose hope for recovery.

“All he has known. Painfully long cursed illness struck his heart. He prepared all who knew him that the problem is incurable. He prepared us for his care. This is so unfair! In 38 years to go into another world when he had so many ideas. He wanted wanted to live,” – said Joseph Kobzon.

The farewell ceremony lasted several hours, and throughout that time friends and fans of Dmitry Kogan laid flowers and remembered the artist.

Journalists udalos to get through the memorial service. It is known that the musician was buried at the cemetery Troekurov.