In Moscow presented the monument to Sergei Bodrov in the image of Danila Bagrov

В Москве представили памятник Сергею Бодрову в образе Данилы Багрова On the eve of the presentation of the layout, sculptures of famous film Director. 20 Sep 2002 Sergei Bodrov died in an avalanche in the Karmadon gorge. Presumably, 2018, will appear in the capital the monument, reminiscent of the protagonist of the film “Brother”.
В Москве представили памятник Сергею Бодрову в образе Данилы Багрова

The anniversary of the death of Sergei Bodrov, the presentation of the layout of the monument. The author of a sketch made by the architect Vasily Goncharov, and implemented the idea of the sculptor Andrei Klykov. The creators have chosen the most vivid role of the actor – Danila from the movie “Brother.” That is why the bronze figure is dressed in a sweater, jacket and ankle boots as the popular character kinolenty.

During the press conference many leaders of arts and culture recalled Bodrov Jr. and compared with a copy in bronze with real character.

15 years without a “Brother”: my classmates remembered what was Sergei Bodrov

“The choice of poses seems to me very accurate. This character always goes where there is injustice and it is possible to change things for the better. The meaning in this way”, – said Vadim Samoilov, who participated in the project “Brother Daniel”, who initiated the work on the monument.

Project coordinator Roman Sergeev told reporters that the monument will stand without a pedestal for passers-by could approach him, to touch, to feel support and to reminisce movies. Presumably, the figure of “Brother” will set in the center of Moscow. Discussions are under way about four places: on Pokrovsky Boulevard, the square in front of metro station “Barrikadnaya” and in the Park on Kudrinskaya square or in the Park of the December uprising.

“Sergei lived near the street of 1905 and “Barrikadnaya”. And Pokrovsky Boulevard were filmed the famous footage from the film, in which Daniel goes to brother Victor. When one of these sites is selected, we’ll go to the Commission on monumental art and will be agreed,” said the second project coordinator.

Currently open is a fundraiser, so as long as there is not enough Finance for the project. For the monument required 2,5 million roubles, of which have managed to collect 450 thousand. According to creators of the project, they long doubted the success of the plan.

“When this idea just appeared and we began to find out is to do it or not, whether it is people, we just marveled at the fact that in different parts of Russia and the CIS people remember the bright image and recreate it as you can: paint, graffiti, tattoos, stickers on cars. And we realized that we would support, that this image brings people together,” said Sergeyev at a press conference.