В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой Colleagues and fans gathered at the cinema House. The body of Vera Glagoleva was delivered from Germany to Russia. The relatives decided that the actress and the Director should be buried at home.
В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

Wednesday, August 16, the whole community was reeling from the terrible news, died a famous actress and Director Vera Glagoleva. The last days she spent in Germany, where he had arrived for examination. Relatives and friends talked about what a celebrity has struggled with cancer, but did not specify which organs were affected. In the Network appeared rumors that she had cancer of the stomach. However, no one in my family is spread about the diagnosis.

Relatives decided to bury Glagolevo at home, and so immediately appealed to the Embassy for help. The body was brought from Germany to Russia.

Today in the morning in the House of cinema gathered famous artists, colleagues Glagoleva, many fans and the family of Faith Vitalievna.

“She radiated an exceptional light”: relatives and colleagues remember Faith Glagoleva

“Today Moscow will say goodbye with Faith… It’s called seeing the last path, the key word here, the path and past it or not, nobody knows. For myself, I decided that Faith went to motion picture expedition record, long-range, so I somehow clear…” – said the Director is Anna Melikyan.

10:45 before the ceremony of farewell at the building of the cinema House had gathered dozens of people. Admirers of Vera Glagoleva discussed among themselves the events of recent days and her best work, thanks to which the viewers love it. All the participants came with flowers. The crowd is growing steadily.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

11:06 To Home cinema was approached by Joseph Kobzon. The actor is visibly saddened. While all focused at the entrance of the building. Are the final preparations for the farewell ceremony. Probably, soon people will be allowed inside.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

11:17 in the audience can be detected as members of the older generation and the youth.

11:21 in front of the gathered a long queue. The crowd focused on the approach to the House cinema, the audience and the number is constantly growing. This Saturday morning, many had left the case and came to say goodbye to a favorite of millions. People talking to each other and remember the movies Glagoleva.

11:33 People are still not allowed inside. Very soon the doors of the cinema House opens and the audience will be able to say goodbye to a favorite artist. “StarHit” spoke to those who took the time and came to bid farewell to Faith Glagoleva. “She liked me as a woman, as a mom. She raised three daughters worthy, – said Irina. – About her illness, I learned three weeks ago, I read on the Internet. But I don’t believe it. I’ve seen snippets from the wedding of her daughter…”

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

11:39 Here you can find not only the residents of the capital, but also those who came from other cities.

11:41 and Foremost concentrated around the building. People continue to come. For relatives of Vera Glagoleva, friends of her family and colleagues had a separate entrance to the House movie. One of the first to arrive Alexei Uchitel. The man said that the actress has a wonderful charm and power that was admired by others. For the Director, according to his own confessions, she was really a bright man who was surprised his attitude towards others. The man admitted that he will never forget it.

11:44 the Doors of the cinema House was opened for the guests of the ceremony. People gradually pass into the building.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

11:52 In a hall where will take place the ceremony of farewell, yet not allowed. People focused on the stairs. The building could be heard the sound of music, the screen show a slideshow of archival photos by Vera Glagoleva with the family and personnel from the films. The audience was welcomed by the organizers with a request to behave very delicately in the hall, not to disturb the relatives of the actress in this tragic hour.

11:57 In the hall is prohibited to film, so already at the entrance videographers are asked to stay outside. The organizers attribute this to the desire of relatives.

12:00 it Was decided to run the hall for 40 people. As soon as they say goodbye to a favorite artist, will hold the rest.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

12:06 On the stage among a huge number of colors can be detected cinemarati Vera Glagoleva. For the whole of his career the artist has won many prestigious awards.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

12:18 family Friends who came to support daughters Vera Glagoleva and her husband expressed their condolences to the family of the artist. The eldest heir darlings million Anna nahapetova incessant crying, trying to hide tears from the strangers behind dark glasses. With her sister, Anastasia Subsky.

12:20 Farewell for a time suspended. Started civil service. I received many telegrams from Putin, Medvedev, Medina, Sobyanin, Shvydkoi, Govorukhin, Kobzon, Tuleyev, Lukashenko. A farewell letter sent and Ralph Fiennes, with whom Vera Glagoleva worked on the creation of the painting “Two women”.

12:36 to say goodbye to the actress and the Director went Aleksandr Baluev. The man said a few words to the colleagues and began to cry.

“She used to call me their mascot. I was offended, and now I am proud that I had the good fortune to work with her to argue…” – said Alexander Baluev.
В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

12:40 “She is truly the creation of God. She was so good, so soft… I can compare it with the cloud. And then this child becomes a mother… How she found time for everything?” – said from the scene of Tatyana Konyukhova. A woman can not hide the tears.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

12:45 Valery Garkalin: “Faith had a crazy knowledge of human life. Hence she became a Director… Faith star, now unquenchable”.

12:52 On stage Alexei Uchitel. The man remembered what his communication with Vera Glagoleva and said with bitterness: “It’s a rare combination: when you love people and colleagues, is incredibly. When the beautiful woman-actress becomes a Director… Faith, honey, I love you”.

12:55 Actress Marina Mogilevskaya trying to speak, but choked up. “Vera, you’re a very good person… All hurt. Anya, Masha, Nastya, Cyril, please accept my words of support”, – said the artist.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

12:57 mark Rudinshtein, “She was a tuning fork of human relations in this complex cinematic world. She was a good man, surprisingly good.”

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

13:01 to say goodbye to Vera Glagoleva came her close friend Lily. The woman is difficult every word, she was barely holding back sobs. “Faith is not gone, she’s with us…” – she said.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

13:07 Valery Yaremenko: “She flies with us in our mad fantasy. Thank you that you were, are and will be with us.”

13:13 Natalia Ivanova turned to Kirill Shubsky with these words: “Thank you, I did everything possible and impossible to Faith was with us.”

13:16 the Actress Alyona Yakovleva: “She was very real. And a real woman, it was evident in her attitude to the family. She lived a very decent life. Of course, a pity that so left early… When I saw her, inside I was always so warm”.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

13:30 Inna Churikova: “When I found out, was abroad, and it was unbearable… the Feeling of great loss. For me she was always young, the young… Apparently, all this bitterness of (disease – Ed.) she was worried herself… Faith, you’re a unique phenomenon in our lives.”

13:36 Farewell resumed. People with flowers are raised to the coffin of the actress to say goodbye.

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой
В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой
В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой
В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

14:04 In the foyer of the cinema House it is possible to detect a telegram from the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin expressed deep condolences to the family of Vera Glagoleva.

“Please accept my deep condolences and words of support in connection with befell you grief. Vera Vitalyevna Glagoleva was a wonderful, talented person. Her work is known, appreciated, loved by millions of people. And colleagues saw in the Vera Glagoleva of a true master, infinitely loyal to high art and his work. Her demise is an irreparable loss for the whole of our culture, but we will stay played by Vera Vitalievna role, a kind and light memory of it” , – stated in the telegram of the head of state.
В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

14:30 Of the House building movie endure the coffin. Now, when hundreds of people focused on the street, you can see how many people came to bid farewell to a favorite artist. The coffin of Vera Glagoleva was accompanied by her family, daughters Anne, Maria, Anastasia, spouse Cyril shubsky, ex-husband Rodion Nahapetov and grandchildren of people’s favorite. The star of Russian cinema escorted with loud applause. Many cannot hold back tears.

Rodion Nahapetov came to the funeral of Vera Glagoleva

14:40 Now a car with a family in Vera Glagoleva headed toward the Troyekurovskoye cemetery, where the artist will find the last resting place.

For the entire environment Glagoleva news of her passing was a real surprise. No one could assume that women’s health is something wrong. Just a month ago she was walking at the wedding of the youngest daughter Nastasya. The celebrity looked fresh and absolutely carefree, danced, sang songs that sounded at the ceremony, and was happy for the newlyweds.

Also all colleagues confirmed that Vera Glagoleva was full of fresh ideas and sought to implement them. Gorgeous youth by Vera Glagoleva: how she broke into the hearts of the audience

В Москве проходит прощание с Верой Глаголевой

Talk about a terrible disease actress and Director began to appear in may of this year. However, at that time his daughter Anna was quick to reassure the public and said “StarHit” that health is her mother all right.

“I don’t know who says its bad health. She has now just finished shooting, will mount the project. Mom sends you her love from the site,” explained the heir Glagoleva.

Daughter Vera Glagoleva shared his pain after the death of his mother

After the tragedy, friends and colleagues admitted that Vera Vitalyevna was so delicate a man, that didn’t feel the need to complain about their problems. Larissa guzeyeva told in the program “Let them talk” because she didn’t want to disturb the environment. Friends Vera Glagoleva on recent meetings and unsaid words

“Of course, relatives know about the disease. Faith did not want to torture, never was talking that it hurts. Everyone thought that everything will pass, everything passed, you know?” – through tears said the presenter.