In Moscow passes farewell to Leonid Armor

В Москве проходит прощание с Леонидом Броневым
Those wishing to say goodbye to the legendary actor came in the film.

Leonid Bronevoy


In “Lenkom” was held
farewell ceremony with people’s artist of the USSR Leonid Armor. Earlier
in the theater building gathered fans to say goodbye
with the legendary actor.

 Leonid Bronevoy
died on the morning of 9 December, he was only a few days did not live up to
his 89th birthday. The last month of his life, the actor spent in the hospital.
About three weeks ago he was transferred to the intensive care unit, where he died on Saturday.

It is known that in 2012, people’s artist
suffered a heart attack, after which he had surgery on the heart. After that
Leonid continued to work. In 2014 in order came the play “the Cherry
garden” with his participation, and in 2016 the “day of the Oprichnik”, where the Armour shone in the image of the Prince
Sobakina. This performance was the last work of the actor. Only Leonid S.
more than 30 years of dedicated service to the world.

In addition, Leonid Bronevoy known to the Russian audience with his vivid
film roles in such films as “Seventeen moments of spring”, “the Pokrovskie
gate”, “the very Munchausen” and many others.