В Москве скончался внук Иосифа Сталина
Director Alexander Burdonsky died at 76 years old.

Alexander Burdonsky

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Alone with all”

As it became known, people’s artist of Russia — Alexander Burdonsky died last night. This information was confirmed in the Central academic theatre of the Russian army, where he worked as the Director. It is known that at the time of death Burdonsky was in the hospital, which came as a result of severe illness.

“Alexander Burdonsky died on 76-m to year of life. Parting with him will be at the theater, the time of the funeral of funeral will be announced later”, — said the representative of the theatre.

Bordosskogo, which in addition was the grandson of Joseph Stalin, there was a very difficult fate. Alexander deliberately did not take the name of the father — Vasily Stalin, in order not to cause people’s associations with grandpa. It, he, by his own admission, hardly knew. “Stalin, I have seen two or three times, and then we stood in the stands and I watched as he climbed the stairs. With you I can not relate… And even the name “Stalin” I have never not carried. Was someone up there, and I was a little touched. I first learned about it when he died. Then I studied at the Suvorov military school, I was immersed in the plane brought to Moscow and put him in the hall of columns. There were all crying. And I didn’t understand why I have to cry. I didn’t have any emotions. How could I mourn for the death of Stalin? He is Stalin, and I – who? I have no ties with him was not, neither internal nor external!” — said Alexander.

Burdonsky was more than 40 years loyal service in the theater. Behind the performances of over 20 productions, including: “playing on the keys of the soul”, “This madman Platonov”, “that which does not wait” and others.