В Москве завершается международная биеннале молодого искусства

This summer across the city, viewers saw more than fifty exhibitions and installations, the core of the Biennale is the project “Deep inside” in the space of Tryokhgornaya manufactory.

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Artists are asking questions of philosophy and existence, refer to different periods of history and culture, to solve them, trying to convey his vision through his work. Woman’s Day tried to take in the problem and see it through the eyes of artists.

Artist from Iceland Logs Leo Gunnarsson visualize one of the theories of quantum physics about the process in which the act of observation changes the things we look at. Art object made in the form of music records, which adjoin knives for paper. While the disc is spinning, knives play that record, but at the same time destroy it, making the message less clear.

To the ancient totems turned artist of Belarus Yuri Shust in the sculptural ensemble “Actosonline”, zapechatlevshie peculiar technoetic. The idea of the author is to show how in the quest for the mythical comfort of the new world is increasingly immersed in aggression.

A completely different approach to the art embodied in the works of the artist from Yakutia Kseniya Kudrina. A series of her sculptures-totems “Black ice” is based on the ancient traditions of shamanism, but is designed in a spectacular modern format of glass and metal that, as the author explains, “if it takes the centuries-old wisdom in a new plane of reality.” 8 Sep Ksenia opens the solo exhibition “Mimicry. Absorption. Introduction” studies of the changing modern man the flow of time, being transformed from the inside out and transforming the world around us.

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