В Москве скончалась бывшая жена Вячеслава Манучарова
The family of a famous actor, the tragedy occurred.

Vyacheslav and Victoria

Photo: photo from the family album

Vyacheslav Manucharov said about the horrible event that happened in his life. Last Friday, the 30 th year of life died his ex-wife, Victoria Seliverstova, the mother of his eldest daughter Arina.

A girl a few years ago finished the First Mosovsky state medical University. Sechenov. She kept bringing up 6-year-old daughter. It was impossible not to love. Friends affectionately called her “pumpkin”. The cause of death was a stroke.

“How unpredictable life is, today I said goodbye to my ex-wife, the mother of my eldest daughter, who sudden died from a stroke, share their pain Manucharov. She was 29 years old. Thank you for being in my life. You are forever in my heart. Take care of each other. No one knows what awaits us tomorrow.”

Vyacheslav and Victoria broke up immediately after the birth of his daughter and officially divorced a few months later.

“We have too often quarreled, parted and got back together — he told me then, “7D” Manucharov. I really wanted to keep the family together, alas, did not happen. We Vick different Outlook on life. In General, it did not happen. Our divorce will not affect the baby. I’m her father, she wears my name, I love her very much. And my daughter will spend as much time as before.”

Manucharov was very worried that he could not spend with my daughter as much time as he’d like. It even seemed that the ex-wife limits his meeting with Arina.

Today Victoria was buried in one of the Metropolitan cemeteries. Who will now live a daughter Manucharov and Seliverstova, is still unknown.