In Moscow buried the ashes of Oleg Yakovlev

В Москве захоронили прах Олега Яковлева About a month loved ones of the deceased artist had chosen a place where the urn will be installed. According to darling Oleg Yakovlev, Alexandra Kutsevol at his grave site to be able to meet admirers. On the 40th day since the death of the singer, the Network also appeared last composition, written.
В Москве захоронили прах Олега Яковлева

On the 40th day since the death of the former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev funeral was held on Troekurov cemetery. It was followed by the cremation of the body of the singer, who died June 29 in a Moscow hospital. According to a lady artist Alexandra Kutsevol about a month the issue was resolved with the location of the grave. Initially considered the option of Vagankovo cemetery, but there was no plot for the monument, so that delayed the procedure.

At the funeral Yakovlev gathered 20 people, only close friends and fellow artists, among whom were the producer Igor Matvienko. Alexander reported that they did not want to draw attention to this event.

“We had planned not to publicize this event,” said koziol “StarHit”, refraining from other comments.

The grave of musician was decorated with fir branches and white chrysanthemums. Yakovlev spent a long applause. Early Monday morning came the song of Oleg Yakovlev “don’t cry”, which his civil wife called a farewell.

“His first and last art song. He wrote it at the end of last year and finalized it in March. Planned release in the fall as a sad track, autumn. Before recording Oleg suddenly changed my mind to write this song, but the sound producer Alexander Sakharov insisted that this is something there, and Oleg agreed at the time of recording. Sasha also said: “We write for the ages.” And so it happened: the song was born Not to cry. Michiel was very inspired and was going to write, write, write! His style he identified as “I – mens Semper,” – said Alexander, laying out the social network sample of the song.

Fans of the work Oleg said that he could not hold back tears listening to “don’t cry”. As admitted herself Kutsevol, the singer claimed to have dedicated it to his girlfriend. The wife of Oleg Yakovlev: “I Think if he goes, I first day you die”

“What a depressing song?” – I asked. He discovered his talent as a composer and author. The lyrics of a song are very sad. The line “you don’t even know who you lose” made me tingle. Could not understand why he chose such a word. You could sing “throw”. But he said, “I like it”, – told Alexander “StarHit”.