В Москве избили звезду сериала «Солдаты» Sergey Poghosyan got a serious nose injury in a fight with the driver of the Shuttle bus. The incident occurred on the night of the sixth of July. Despite the damage, the actor refused medical care.
В Москве избили звезду сериала «Солдаты»

Actor Sergey Poghosyan is known that he masterfully embodies comedic roles. Whether it’s a cameo role in popular series such as “Soldiers”, or the leading party on the stage of the Moscow theatre of the young spectator.

However, later that night, the sixth of July a favorite of the audience, accustomed to amuse and entertain the audience, unexpectedly came under attack. According to journalists, a 45-year-old actor was beaten on a stop of public transport “1st Babiogorski lane.” The assailant was the driver of one of the buses.

“In the night of Friday, July 6, around 2:00, the police received a message stating that the driver of a bus with the route “H1” beat the passenger while on a stop of public transport “1st Babiogorski lane.” Arrived at the scene, police found that the victim was an actor S. Pogosyan, an employee at the Moscow theatre of the young spectator. Interviewing the participants of the conflict, the police took the 31-year-old employee of Mosgortrans and the victim in another part of the Department of police on area Yakimanka for further proceedings,” – said representatives of law enforcement agencies.

It is unknown what provoked the fight, but due to its Sergei was seriously injured nose. Despite this, he refused medical aid, and after filling out all the necessary papers left the police station. Now the investigation into the brawl will be engaged in law enforcement.

Sergei himself prefers not to comment on the situation. The fans hope that the actor will be able to achieve fair punishment for the culprit in the brawl, and soon will return to active creative work.

In recent years Sergey Poghosyan active in films. So, in 2018 planned three premieres. However, in the movies and TV shows the actor often accrue to the role of the second plan.

The most notable his role he played in the TV series “Soldiers”, “Heartbreakers” and “Ivan Podushkin. The gentleman of investigation-2”.

But on the stage he is much more popular. So, at the Moscow theatre of the young spectator, there’s several performances with the participation Pogosyan.

Fans are sure that Sergei could not be the initiator of the fight, because he long ago established himself as a highly intelligent, well-mannered artist. They hope that soon the Honored worker of arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be in touch with them and clarify the controversial situation.

According to the Agency urban news “Moscow”, 31-year-old driver, who attacked the actor is still in the police.