«В марте тает снег и лед, плюс их праздник настает...» Congratulations to all of the lovely birthday girl of the first spring month.
«В марте тает снег и лед, плюс их праздник настает...»

All mixed up in our lives, even times of the year. The first calendar month of spring does not mean drops and streams. And even eight year-old schoolgirl from St. Petersburg Spring Vasilevny Stasinou that classmates lovingly called Freckle, birthday, as it turned out, in the winter. What do you think about the coming of spring with its major celebration of those famous, talented and stunning ladies who are born in March.


31 Mar born singer Laima Vaikule, but the singer prefers to celebrate a birthday in the summer, and only when you are in the mood.

“I’m like the Queen of England, she was also born in the spring, and congratulate her in June. And the 8th of March – quite a date,” – said Lima, but urged not to celebrate Women’s day, a smile coming spring. She said that it would be great if all of life turned into a celebration.


«В марте тает снег и лед, плюс их праздник настает...»

Valeria Gai Germanika – Creator already fifteen films (the most recent full-length picture “Thought the wolf” the 34-year-old Director has just finished) is my birthday, March 1, marks always.

“Only, perhaps, in the dashing 90-e it was not before,” she said. A special gift Valeria can not distinguish and thanked all the well-wishers, but if someone gave her a plane, a boat or a white Land Rover, be sure to be remembered. March 8, she never said, though his celebration is quite loyal. “Congratulations to all the wonderful women of the older generation, and if someone brought me flowers – well, pretty sweet. Just none of my friends that does not occur”.


«В марте тает снег и лед, плюс их праздник настает...»

Elena Yakovleva, born March 5, consider a gift that she just received the most original. As the Chairman of the jury Lena was evaluated theatrical productions students at the festival “Rosatom” in the city of Snezhinsk, and there she dedicated a special song. “A choir of children stepped on the stage, it was very touching”. Spring festival, especially when it is called Female, it does not perceive. “Stupid male day female”. Today’s worries Helen – new theatrical production, performance in the “contemporary”, and, as noted, this beloved actress: “Pull life”.


«В марте тает снег и лед, плюс их праздник настает...»

Anna Semenovich was born on the same day that Valeria Gai Germanika.

“Birthday this time I was not celebrated, because there were performances in Moscow and a concert in Novosibirsk”. The most amazing gift, which she says still, was a puppy, he once handed over to the owner of the luxurious bust in show-business girls from group “Shining”. Today, she appreciates the opportunity to travel and March 8 will definitely call my mom, and then continue to ski in the mountains. “I flew to Sochi, and a huge thank you to those who organized it and came up with”. Anna Semenovich has an affair with Greek millionaire


«В марте тает снег и лед, плюс их праздник настает...»

The first woman-cosmonaut, Deputy of the state Duma, Valentina Tereshkova, was also born 6 Mar. But in this day, and in the other to call Valentina Vladimirovna impossible. Despite the 81 years, she is one of the most active deputies. Sometimes local officials are better versed in all that is happening in her native Yaroslavl region. And I know that on the day of birth 8 March flat major-General in retirement Tereshkova turns into a flourishing greenhouse.


«В марте тает снег и лед, плюс их праздник настает...»

The birthday of Larisa Golubkina on 9 March. In recent years, she very rarely it notes – busy schedule. “You brought us, the birthday girl, as March cats,” jokes Larissa, though she has a severe flu, and we are talking about how to undo holiday performances.


Tatiana Bulanova’t even remember the last time celebrated his birthday. On 6 March and the following days she always performances. “But I am very pleased to receive flowers and to congratulate their fans. In these tulips and roses so much warmth and attention! And I noticed that many of the flowers remain fresh for several weeks!”

Tatiana bulanava commented on the new marriage