In Los Angeles sold the most expensive dress in the world

В Лос-Анджелесе продано самое дорогое платье в мире
The unique thing is now able to see everyone.

dress Marilyn Monroe


A few days ago at auction in California was
an absolute record. Never has any for one dress at the auction are not
posted almost 5 million dollars! However, this astounding amount of
laid out for a unique thing – the famous dress of Marilyn Monroe. The news
reported the online edition of

Such interest in the lot was due to the fact that it was
not just the outfit, actress, and the same Gown in which Monroe, congratulating John
Kennedy on the anniversary, during a concert at Madison Square Garden
sang with his trademark gasp: “Happy Birthday, mister
President!”. Because then it seems to be an innocent speech made a
the scandal, because that night, everyone realized that it has been linked to Kennedy
a romantic feeling. And just three months later after this concert Marilyn
was found dead. But the fact that she killed herself, believed not all.
Many felt that her death is connected somehow involved in her affair with Kennedy…

As for the actual dress, it
it is noteworthy in and of itself. A masterpiece created by designer Jean Louis,
who in his time was awarded the “Oscar” for the costumes for the film “Cadillac” of
pure gold”(1956), is an almost transparent bodycon
the outfit is hand-embroidered with two and a half thousand sparkling crystals.

To the delight of those who would like to personally admire this
the remarkable thing, bought it not a private collector, who would take her
in your store, and Museum. We are talking about the curious institution called Ripley’s Belive it or Not.
It was founded at the time the collector-millionaire by Robert Ripley, which
has created a Fund, which to date has gathered many curious and
amazing items. Among them, more than 20 thousand notable pictures and
different kinds of artifacts of historical value. As stated
the representative of the Museum, soon the dress will be exhibited
display in Hollywood, and then his plan to show in other branches
all over the world.