In Los Angeles had been robbed and vandalized mansion Nicki Minaj

В Лос-Анджелесе обокрали и разгромили особняк Ники Минаж

A group of unknown persons robbed the mansion of American singer Nicki Minaj, stealing her valuables in excess of two hundred thousand dollars. According to the publication TMZ, citing sources in law enforcement bodies, the attackers not only stole from a celebrity, but simply trashed her beautiful house, broke furniture, podbrasyvanii paintings from the walls, destroyed her clothes and smashed perfume bottles.

The police suspect that the theft of it can be attributed to a personal dislike of the robbers to a celebrity. Now law enforcement officers monitor the recordings from surveillance cameras to identify offenders.
Recall that in 2015, Nicki Minaj was in the rating of Fobs as the richest performer in rap. In fact, she was the only woman in this list.