In London will select “Miss Soviet Union”

В Лондоне выберут «Мисс Советский Союз»

On April 22 in the British capital will host the fourth annual finals of the international beauty competition MISS USSR UK.

Did you know that every year in London are choosing “Miss Soviet Union”? But, it turns out, has such a great tradition in England. For the fourth year in a row. And the name is not arbitrary – in the contest can participate only representatives of the countries of the former Soviet Union.

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The winner will determine this year on April 22 in the concert hall Thohu. The finalists will have to demonstrate to the jury of the national costumes, designer dresses from Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova, luxury evening dress O’blanc, elegant bikini from Lavishly Appointed and answer tough questions from judges.

And the one that passes all the tests, will not only crown of MISS USSR UK 2016, provided by the prestigious brand of jewelry Jewellery Theatre, but also a contract with international modeling Agency BMA Models, as well as for the numerous prizes and gifts.

This year the competition is expected to stir more than 2,000 guests, among them businessmen, politicians, public figures, designers, supermodels and celebrity guests: Boney M, singer Sati Casanova, Sofia nikitchuk (miss Russia – 2015), actress Anna’kevich, and many others.

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