In London he built a pub of chocolate

В Лондоне построили пивной бар из шоколада

The proprietor decided to unite in one place lovers of sweets and foam.

In the UK, known to have two passions – beer and chocolate. And fans of the first do not exclude the second. That is why the famous Carlsberg decided to unite lovers of sweets and cold Beers in one place – chocolate beer in a bar called ‘ If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars!

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“It was approaching Easter, and this is a good reason to drink to our clients, – told reporters Dharmesh Rana, senior brand Manager of the company. — We wanted to surprise guests, to do something unusual. We knew that the Brits love beer and chocolate, so I decided to combine them together to create probably the best bar in the world”.

“Best bar” for size small: total 5 meters wide and 2 meters tall. On its construction took three months and half a ton of chocolate! Of these, 300 kg milk, the remaining 200 black and white decorative accents. Moreover, the product went not only to the decor, in the new school everything is edible: bar chairs, bar counter, painting, Darts, TV screen and even beer glasses! Here you are unlikely to submit a bill for broken dishes, rather only accidentally eaten.

The pub was created by sculptor prudence state, known for made a statue of former Prime Minister of great Britain Winston Churchill from one bread. So when she suggested creating a chocolate bar, she was not surprised.

“We are proud that we were able to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary, so it turned out the world’s first chocolate pub, we believe that we did it,” proud of the company.

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