In life beloved Ivan Jankowski has been a lot of changes

В жизни возлюбленной Ивана Янковского произошли большие перемены
Faith Kintchev thanked for five wonderful years.

Vera Panfilova

Beloved Ivan Yankovsky, the daughter of the leader of group “Alisa”
Konstantin Kinchev — actress Vera Panfilova announced that the next
season left the Mayakovsky theater, where he served for five years. During this time, 26-year-old
the artist managed to take the troupe rightful place. For example, it was
nominated for the prestigious theater award “Golden mask” for the image of Valya
from the statement “the grass court”.

“Today I closed the fifth season — wrote Faith in his
microblog. Five years in the troupe of the Mayakovsky theater, five years side by side
with great partners and very expensive heart people! Five years, twenty
one city seen through touring, five years of very rich palette
feelings, which includes all colors of contradictions of human emotions, six
released performances and six born roles. I am incredibly grateful for
able, gifted life: to work, to naughty, to play, to enjoy such
Directors, great artists and incredible partners. All my favorite
performances are with me, and all of us at the end of August will meet again in
space favorite performances and start a new town… But with the following
season, I’m not an artist belonging to one specific theatre. I
leaving in a free, independent swimming, new appointments and the opening of other
while not known to me faces in this vast space of our profession!”

Apparently, this decision of Faith adopted because of the strong
employment in film production. Now the actress is involved simultaneously in three
the set. She plays the main role in films “About the Faith” and “Drive”, and
also starred in the series “Better than human” production company Yellow, Black and White
along with such actors as Paulina Andreeva, Mariya Lugovaya, Kirill kyaro, Olga Lomonosova.

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