В Коломенском пройдет праздник хлеба и зрелищ

10-11 September in Kolomenskoye will host a feast of bread and circuses festival “HURRAH! ZHAI! Giant vegetables, pumpkin bowling, eating turnips for speed and the children’s village of crafts, and even a large-scale maze made of hay, tomatoes shooting slingshots with human growth races and mini-pigou – Muscovites to propose a fundamentally new form of urban harvest festival.

Festival URA! ZHAI is not just a holiday, this event is for the successful modern men who honor tradition. The festival offers a modern interpretation of the world famous “harvest festival”, new solutions, and tips-life hacking. It’s a big picnic, where you can come with your whole family and everyone will find something interesting. Children can play with animals, to see how forge iron or make clay pots, to be impressed with the huge vegetables, art objects, theatrical performances. Mom learns a lot about how to prepare delicious meals with ingredients from the farm and make preparations for the winter. Dad will be able to stretch breaking firewood, to cook delicious meat for the whole family, to drink craft beer. And all of them together -great fun, eat and relax on the last big picnic of the season. This is a truly city-scale event where you can hear lectures by recognized authorities in the culinary field and well-known restaurateurs to know what wine to drink with friends autumn evenings to try their hands bake bread, play pumpkin bowling, food products and then to cook them under the guidance of renowned chef, to see the parade of the best street theatre carnival with these platforms, decorated with vegetables and fruits.

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The festival will feature activity in different areas — both for young people and for families with children of different ages: thematic workshops, crazy autumn entertainment and art objects. In the relaxation area you can watch a movie on the big screen in the fresh air and listen to music. Musical program presented by ethnikoi and folk with a modern twist: “Ivan Kupala”, “Dough” and “Exilados”, “Narimono Theophanes.”

In the area of “Games” you are waiting for master classes on baking bread, creating decorative objects of rubber boots and galoshes, the carving of watermelons and potatoes, the fight with nettles, competitions in chopping cabbage, eating turnips for speed, races mini-pigou and more. Moms will learn how to prepare cosmetics from fruits and vegetables, while children are a maze of hay, and dad fired from giant slingshots on the tomatoes in the struggle for the main prize. Call with friends: let your team win in bowling pumpkins, the battle of the bags with hay or eating lemons.

Tired of city life and intellectual work and their kids waiting for the master crafts village. There will be acquainted with the work of a blacksmith, a Potter or even the groom, on a specially organized barnyard children can make friends with a rare breed of sheep, Pat the Bunny, or even to feed the ostrich. For them there is a special program.

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When: September 10, 2016 from 12 to 22, September 11, 2016 from 12 to 21

Where: the Park Kolomenskoye