In Kazan held a draw of the confederations Cup 2017

В Казани провели жеребьевку Кубка конфедераций – 2017 In the capital of Tatarstan was declared a country which will play against Russia next summer. They are New Zealand, Portugal and Mexico. Practice matches will show how teams from different States prepared for the main tournament phase of the world Cup.

      In Kazan was held the draw for the confederations Cup, which is the starting point at the beginning of the struggle for leadership on the world Cup. It will be held in 2018 in Russia. Held the ceremony, the participants were able to learn what group they are and what teams will play next summer. Russia, as host country, was automatically determined in group a in the first position. The ceremony was invited athletes Yelena Isinbayeva and Sergey Semak. They had the honor to help members of FIFA Zvonimir Boban and Colin Smith. Together they navezli the rest of the country groups A and B. In the end, to fight with Russia will be the team New Zealand, Portugal and Mexico. In the second group was the winner of the African Cup of Nations, Chile, Australia and Germany.

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      For Russia, the holding of such tournament is a big responsibility, so it’s important the players show a high level of play. The confederations Cup in 2017 will open a match between New Zealand and Russia, which will be held on June 17, after that, on June 21, there will be a confrontation with Portugal and later with Mexico on the 24th of. Presenters Yana Churikova and Andrey Malakhov for the evening event was accompanied by the applause of the audience and invited on stage the star guests that were breaking the intense sports environment.

      “We will do everything to make all teams feel comfortable, to have all taken away a piece of Russia. Welcome to our country, our football team. We wish the teams the brilliant game” – with these words addressed the guests Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko.

      Model and presenter Victoria Lopyreva also made a speech to the crowd. She, being the Ambassador of the world championship, expressed hope that all the teams will show their best qualities. The girl confessed that he loves football, so will be present at all scheduled events, not only as an Ambassador of football and cheerleaders. It is important that Russia has seen support from their compatriots. This, according to lopyrevoy may become a guarantor of success.

      Their performances at the official draw for the pleased with Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, the winner of the show “the Voice” Dina Garipova, saxophonist Igor Butman and Paul Murashov. And concluded the ceremony Grigory Leps.

      The honorary guest of the evening was the winner of the confederations Cup 2005 and 2009th years, júlio Baptista, who brought to the stage the coveted Cup. He will go to the winner of the tournament. For it is not just a rehearsal of the championship, but a competition. He vpervye participated in such a game in 2001 in the national team of Russia. Yana Churikova and Andrey Malakhov thanked Julio for what he came to Kazan and showed the world trophy.

      It should also be noted that all the guests visibly worried, because he knew how important is today’s event. Yelena Isinbayeva tried to hide the excitement, stating that he feels confident. Andrei Malakhov drew attention to the fact that for her, such events should not be unusual. Sergei Semak, was also present at the ceremony, said after the draw that you can’t underestimate any of the teams, it is important to prepare well and show a good result.

      “We expect very interesting matches. We wish our team good games and, of course, the victory”, – said Sergei Semak.