In his Nobel lecture of Bob Dylan found plagiarism

В нобелевской лекции Боба Дилана нашли плагиат

On 5 June the Swedish Academy was brought audio Nobel lecture by Bob Dylan. The speech of the first musician called “expressive” and “outstanding”, but on closer examination it turned out that in writing it the musician used.. the literary portal for students Sparknotes.

In his speech, Bob Dylan to name three books that had the greatest influence on his work, which left a lasting impression on his life. They turned out to be Moby-dick, “On the Western front without changes” and “Odyssey”.
But meticulous researchers have reported that quotes from “Moby dick”, which cites the example of Bob, does not exist in the book by Herman Melville, at the same time, 20 of the 78 sentences in the lecture – not that other, as a brief retelling of the book posted on the portal for students.
Recall that the awarding of the Nobel prize Bob Dylan found out in October of last year. The choice of the Commission was a surprise to the whole world, because it was distinguished in the literary and music industries (“development of a new poetic expression in the American song tradition”).
While the Dylan has not commented on the plagiarism of the artist.