В DreamWorks заговорили о выпуске пятого «Шрека»

The rumors that the fifth part of the animated film “Shrek” to be, went a long time, and here a few hours ago, representatives of companies and DreamWorks Animation NBCUniversal confirmed the terms of hire – the premiere will take place in 2019. A producer of the new kultproekt was Chris Meledandri, known for his work “Despicable me” and “despicable me 2”.

“Chris is the best in the business. He can help us resurrect Shrek and tell you how to bring back to life a lot of other DreamWorks franchises,” said Steve Burke, who served as Executive Director of NBCUniversal. He also added that, despite financial difficulties, they hope to increase profits at the expense of already known characters. Naturally, the parallel will be developed and new. As ways of earning he called spin-offs, sequels, and theme parks.
We will remind that this year the company NBCUniversal purchased shares of the dilapidated DreamWorks. But back to “Shrek”. It is still unknown whether involved in the project “old card” Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Jeffrey Katzenberg, or famous characters they speak with new voices.

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