In discussing the vocal “talent” Alesya Kafelnikov

В Сети обсуждают вокальный «талант» Алеси Кафельниковой
Fans did not appreciate the singing of 19-year-old model.

Photo: Instagram

A couple of months ago Ales Kafelnikov gave a Frank interview about his troubled life, in which he spoke about failed love, about addiction and about what is soon planning to launch a music career. On the wave of sensational confessions girl the message that she would become a singer, and somehow lost. Yes, and who is now not going to be a singer?

However, the intention Alesya, as it turned out, very serious. Not so long ago in the Network got an excerpt from the first solo song of a girl that her fans have accepted quite positively. Now, inspired by a model decided to show how she sings actually. As you know, the music Studio from anyone can do well singing. And Olga Buzova example. Apparently, the same way a soundtrack is going to go and Kafelnikov, as almost no one appreciated how the girl quail hit Amy Winehouse.

Although the model and are accustomed to criticism in the Network, even non-constructive, but these evil comments are not read for a long time. Therefore, even deleted my musical experiment of a personal blog. However, this situation can not be saved, because some of the “fans” kept the video, apparently to ancestors. Or for the sake of hype, that’s how it goes.