In discussing the separation of Andrew and Alice of Arshavina

В Сети обсуждают расставание Андрея и Алисы Аршавиных The player’s wife refutes occurred in the Network rumors. Journalists reported that the famous athlete allegedly broke up with Alice Kazeminy, who gave him a daughter in February of this year. The woman does not give detailed comments, but has already managed to confirm that was not true.
В Сети обсуждают расставание Андрея и Алисы Аршавиных

On Thursday evening, the media appeared the information that Andrey Arshavin allegedly broke up with his wife Alice. According to journalists, the choice of the player hasn’t forgiven him for treason with the St. Petersburg model. In the press referred to the words that are attributed to the Alice. It was claimed that the woman threw the athlete, and the solution is also connected with working moments.

Concerned fans Alice started to ask her what happened. A few hours ago, the woman posted to Instagram a photo op with her husband and confessed her love for him. Many followers Alice didn’t know what to think. They were very surprised by the statements of Arshavina publicised in the press. Some have suggested that was not true. “Tell me that’s not true,” “news of the Weird”, commented the users of social networks.

“StarHit” got in touch with Alice Arshavina to find out how truthful the information disseminated by journalists. To the question if she’s breaking up with the player, the woman replied curtly: “No.” She later reassured followers and wrote: “not True.”

В Сети обсуждают расставание Андрея и Алисы Аршавиных

We will remind that in September the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary. Alice Arshavin has repeatedly said that they had been ill-chosen to harassment. Critics called the woman a home wrecker. However, Alice and Andrew tried not to pay attention to criticism. In February of this year, the beloved athlete gave him a charming girl called Asena. The little girl is already eight months.

Wife of Andrei Arshavin remembered how she left her husband for a whirlwind romance

В Сети обсуждают расставание Андрея и Алисы Аршавиных“It’s six years ago. There are no filters, Botox and fillers. I do not put photos with filters, you can’t. Although educated. And from a family of educated physicians. Here two people who loved each other and had left their families behind, where both sides have children. The first of September we had an anniversary of marriage. Over the years on me and it poured so much filth. But I think that we have survived with dignity. With whom we just did not compare, they say, he is cheating, I’m a prostitute, drug addicts, alcoholics. I want to say thanks to fate that changed my life this way. I love, loved,” wrote Alice in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.
В Сети обсуждают расставание Андрея и Алисы Аршавиных

After the woman broke up with the previous husband, she continued to communicate with him. It is known that the male takes part in the education of their children – 13-year-old Alex and six-year-old Alice. “My marriage was 10 years old when I decided to go to Andrew. And two kids, Alice was 10 months. Well,” she said. Wife of Andrei Arshavin about the affair: “He was crying, and I forgave”