In discussing the replacement of Vladimir Pozner on the First channel

В Сети обсуждают замену Владимиру Познеру на Первом канале According to unconfirmed reports, the journalist Yuri Dude got a tempting job offer from the CEO of the company. Fans of YouTube stars discuss whether he should run own show on TV.
В Сети обсуждают замену Владимиру Познеру на Первом канале

Journalist Yuri Dude is one of the most talked about people on the Russian YouTube. Author show editor-in-chief sports publications consistently enjoys the interest of spectators and gaining millions of views. Not long ago Yuri was awarded the prize of the periodical in the nomination “Face screen”, and then he was invited to an evening program Ivan Urgant.

Over the weekend the Network appeared rumors that the Dude supposedly is considering a job offer on the Federal channel. According to unconfirmed reports, the journalist can start his own TV show. However, the final decision rests with the jury, say insiders. Fans of the young men we can only guess whether such speculation is true.

“We write that Konstantin Lvovich invited the jury to do the project on the Ground. No consent or waiver has not been received yet”, – such a publication appeared in one of the Telegram channels.

The information that Yuri Dude can start work on the First channel, has provoked a heated debate on the Network. Some fans of the journalist believe that he should not take the tempting offer, because TV is very very different in format from the show on YouTube.

For others, Dude successfully cope with the task and could even replace Vladimir Pozner. However, renowned journalist hasn’t thought to leave his place, as previously officially announced on the First channel.

“We are not blind and pole chudes, KVN, “What? Where? When?” and “Evening Urgant”. With “Who wants to be a millionaire” are all fine too… feels Great “Good morning”. The program “Time” still leaves at 21.00. In the “smack” not finished products. Dmitry Krylov buying tickets to the next trip. “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov collect excellent ratings. Soon you will see the updated “Tonight”. Posner, by the way, is also with us,” – said in August the press service of the company.

Not so long ago admirers of Vladimir Vladimirovich was concerned that his program is not in the broadcasting schedule. Break out the author’s TV show the journalist was associated with filming a documentary on the Scandinavia. The presenter was abroad, where he worked on a new painting.

Note that Yuri Dude is a huge success among the youth audience, which compares it with Vladimir Pozner. On Friday, September 29, the YouTube star told Ivan Urgant that wants to interview Zemfira. According to the Telegram-channel “training manual”, a few days before the recording of the Dude allegedly visited the reception of the General Director of the First channel.

By the way, in the “Evening Urgant” imagined how could look author show the young men on television. The program staff presented the pilot issue of “Gate of souls” with Yuriy Dudinskiy and Dmitry Malikov.