In discussing the dismissal of an employee “minute of fame”

В Сети обсуждают увольнение сотрудника «Минуты славы» According to preliminary data, employee production “Red square” was removed from office. It is reported that he had to control the air and to remove from the program “Minute of fame” sharp words of the jury, which provoked an uproar.

      В Сети обсуждают увольнение сотрудника «Минуты славы»

      Last week on the Internet to discuss the statements of the members of the jury of the popular project “minute of fame”. After the speech Alyona Shineway Evgeniya Smirnova and Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Pozner found the couple dance is quite ambiguous. They felt that after such a difficult room to say “no”. They began to discuss the room and use expressions that many people do not like. After heated discussions in social networks, Internet users have come to the conclusion that the fault of the employee channel, which was, in their opinion, simply cut out the words of the jury. Moreover, it discusses the information that the employee of the First channel, which followed the content release, dismissed.

      However, the press service of the First channel does not comment on the possible dismissal of his employee and refuses to confirm or deny this information.

      Behavior and Posner Litvinova has provoked a scandal in social networks

      The Network does not stop the discussion of the statements of Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Pozner. Some protect Alena and Eugene, thinking that they made a real feat and showed all that capable. “I understand if they do not dance, then it would be possible to speak about any exploitation and moral pressure on judges, like as well terrible it was, but he is a disabled person, tell him Yes, and then people wonderful worked the room hard, what kind of mercy can there be? Only excited, Such people are few and they are very necessary for health companies. Many healthy young people whining, drinking, crying over nothing, or are hooked on drugs and even go on a suicide run, and they live, fight and enjoy life. Honor and glory from all sensible people, to have performed great! Shame the judicial team!” – expressed the opinion the supporters of Smirnov and Shineway.

      However, some sided Litvinova and Posner. They felt that the performances were not so stunning. “He danced not bad, but not good enough to be in this project, you understand! So do any average breakdancer!”, “I have nothing against, they are great, they try and betray their dreams. Posner said that does not tell the other jury because of the stigma. He described the other side of the coin. To be honest and right to Express their opinion, too, is respect” – others say.