В ознаменование юбилея Кэтрин Хайгл повторила смелое фото
39-year-old star of “grey’s Anatomy” is not afraid to show figure.

В ознаменование юбилея Кэтрин Хайгл повторила смелое фото

Katherine Heigl with husband


Katherine Heigl, star of TV series “grey’s Anatomy”, was the wife of singer Josh Kelly 10 years ago, she is still in love with her husband and the father of my children — two adopted daughters
and biological son, Joshua. And, to commemorate their marital anniversary, she
decided to recreate the story of a picture taken in the first year of their acquaintance. And shared made the scenes with fans.

it photogo both Catherine and Josh, as 10 years ago, posed naked.
True, those who consider the picture, you will not see anything superfluous: after all, Heigl
partially covers the side of the tub in which is located the 39-year-old actress. And the
the risky part of photo of her husband “trimmed” edge of the photo.

“Of course,
for the time flown since then, things have changed. Thank God I quit
Smoking. And gained a little extra weight… And I was no longer so spontaneous, so
to arrange a surprise photo shoot a night in the bathroom. But that is absolutely not
changed is my desire to be with this man. I’ll be honest: for it
the time we do have our moments. At times, I wanted the night to smother him with a pillow. But
the more time I spend with him, the more I realize that the best companion
for myself, I just choose not to. When my world is falling apart in front of me, he
my protection and refuge. He was able to raise my spirit more times than I can
count. When I begin to doubt myself, he’s my number one fan. Every time he deduced
me from darkness to light. He has a tremendous sense of humor and I was laughing to tears
over his jokes. It helps me to become better in all respects. He is a wonderful father
for our children… And I wanted to stay with him another 10, 20 or even 30 years…” —signed Catherine recreated the.

Katherine Heigl with husband and children