In close quarters, but not mad: Volochkova showed a dressing room

В тесноте, да не в обиде: Волочкова показала гардеробную

The ballerina showed how humble she lives.

We all remember the video from the dressing room of Yana Rudkovskaya. This is not a room, but just a Museum of luxury brands, which need round the clock security. You can not say about dressing Anastasia Volochkova. House ballerina in all its glory we’ve seen. What can I say? Nice to live not forbid! However, the room in which the star keeps clothing just impressed the fans with his modesty.

Given how often Nastya goes out and performs, it can be assumed that clothes and shoes have ballerina a train, but in fact it turned out that they all fit in the tiny room.

When Volochkova decided to demonstrate her wardrobe, she hardly thought so surprise subscribers.

One shelf of shoes, a pair of lockers for jackets, tops, roof with clothes and… everything!

“For such a mansion dressing room is too small. Where the rest of the clothes? And it’s all the shoes? More of a storage room, not a dressing room. I have in the kitchen is. Little summer shoes, I have more, but I’m not a star. Strange… little, very Little!” – outraged fans of the artist.

Indeed, if compared with the same Yana Rudkovskaya, it turns out that Nastya and really have nothing to wear. But on the other hand, the same Rudkovskaya criticize for the love of things, the pathos, and Volochkova, it turns out, was attacked because of modesty!

You guys can not please everyone. A lot of things – bad enough – too bad! You’ll have to determine.