«В Канаде спокойнее, чем в России»: Евгению Медведеву осудили за непатриотизм After failing to win gold at the Olympic games, Yevgeny Medvedev decided to move to Canada to work with the new coach. In a recent interview, 18-year-old athlete quite sharply spoke about the homeland, saying that the ocean life is better than in Russia.
«В Канаде спокойнее, чем в России»: Евгению Медведеву осудили за непатриотизм

Evgeny Medvedev for several years was considered the main hope of domestic figure skating. At the Olympic games this year, the athlete took second place, losing Aline Sagitova. Lose so much blow to the ego of an 18 year old skater that she made the decision to leave Russia and move to Canada.

Earlier the girl found a famous coach Brian Orser, who agreed to work with her. And although Medvedev acknowledged that the move was really hard for her, in an interview with YouTube channel “John Wilson Blades” the athlete said that she likes not only to train but also to live. According to Eugenia Canada is ideal for success.

“First and foremost, for me, that all the people here are almost always smiling. When you meet someone, you must ask: “How are you? How was your day?” At first I did not understand: “Why do you I ask all this?” This is very unusual. But I think it’s even better for development, for training. Here is much calmer. That’s good,” said Medvedev.
«В Канаде спокойнее, чем в России»: Евгению Медведеву осудили за непатриотизм

Such statements in the address of his native country, by the way, not everyone liked. Many felt that Medvedev began to forget who is actually glorified her name.

Eugene previously reported that made the decision to move to a new coach along with mom. For the Olympic games, the young athlete was preparing Eteri Tutberidze, but after the “second place” Medvedev held a grudge against the teacher. The skater was unhappy that she took to Korea Alina Sagitova who was younger than Eugene and could still be part of the juniors.

“Rumors have escalated. I wrote to my Wife. No replies to texts, no answers to calls,” admitted Eteri. On one of the Central channels Tutberidze also remembered an unpleasant incident that occurred after one of the performances Medvedeva in Pyeongchang.

“Coming from Olympic ice, she left the children’s phrase: “don’t you, Alina was able to hold another year in juniors?” I said, “Jack, everyone should have equal chances”. This needs to be faith in the coach, faith daily in the result, not any conditions,” — said eter.

According to Medvedeva, moving to Canada, she had not only moral strength, but also a significant financial investment.

“My mom had to calculate how much we are ready to move into the financial plan. When she said that we can move, I realized that I need to borrow skates in the teeth and in Canada. There I will meet Jason brown. Meet my mom and drive to our new home,” said Eugene.