In Britain canceled the show sketch with Michael Jackson due to the reaction of his daughter

В Британии отменили показ скетча с Майклом Джексоном из-за реакции его дочери

Yesterday we talked about the reaction of the daughters of the king of the pop scene, Michael Jackson, Paris in the trailer for the new Comedy series “Urban legends”.
“Urban legends” is a project which explains the facts of life celebrities based on rumours.

So, for example, about Michael Jackson in the new issue will be discussed in the context of the explosion of the twin towers in new York in September 2001. Supposedly then, only when there was a terrorist attack, Jackson along with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brondo, hastened to leave the city in order to become parties to the new incident.
The role entrusted to Jackson was to play Joseph Fiennes.

As soon as the learned of Paris, she immediately Twitter said about my feelings about this: “I’m offended by this unthinkable, and I believe that a lot of people feel the same way, and honestly, it makes me want to puke”.

Not to take into account the fact that the relatives of the artist turned against the series, its creators could not, for the channel Sky Arts has decided to withdraw from the first live episode of the show. “We wanted to take a look with a smile at the events that might have occurred in reality. We didn’t want to offend anyone”, — stated in the message channel.

Note that Jackson is not the only one will be described in the “Urban myths”. Individual episodes will also be dedicated to the young Adolf Hitler, (Ivan Reon), Bob Dylan (Eddie Marsan), Timothy Leary (Aidan Gillen) and Cary Grant (Ben Chaplin). Each episode lasts about 30 minutes.