In boxer shorts and children’s bodice: drew not learn new pictures

В семейных трусах и детском лифе: Дрю не узнать на новых фото

41-year-old actress has always fascinated the audience with its naturalness: no silicone, and even lips do not increase in the pursuit of ideals of beauty. Drew has its own cosmetics line, and beauty secrets shares a star with groupies.

This summer it became known that the family of the stars troubled times: will Kopelman and Barrymore said about his misunderstanding, and August 3, 2016, the couple officially divorced.

Looks like family drama shattered drew: at social events, the star has become a rare guest, and the look actress shocking the audience.

В семейных трусах и детском лифе: Дрю не узнать на новых фото2007

Paparazzi caught up with drew at the beach in Miami, where she cheerfully spent time with friends. The company has made mud masks for the body, did yoga and played beach games.

All anything, but we hardly shapeless woman learned in the past one of the sexiest Hollywood Actresses. Translucent top, which is reminiscent of children’s bras, padded shorts; a flabby stomach, cellulite, and bruises on his legs made a star unrecognizable!

What’s wrong with you, drew? After the birth of her second son, Frankie Barrymore Kopelman, two years have passed, but the actress failed to come into shape.

And the latest work 41-year-old star was the film in 2015, “miss you Already”, after which she refused job offers. It seems that Barrymore took a break from work and social events. The fans decided that this is a temporary weakness after breaking up with your beloved and soon we will see drew in all its glory.

“I do a lot of hot yoga and trying to stretch, stretching is very gentle to my old bones,’ talks about his fitness habits Barrymore. But I’m not the biggest expert training. I think there are many other women who can advise much better than me. I’m just trying to do what makes me feel happy. I move enough to feel good”