В побоях Эмбер Херд виноват Илон Маск?

55-year-old johnny Depp and 32-year-old amber heard can’t accept the fact that their relationship is over and nothing can change that. Amber continues to blame the former for the beating, and Depp says that his ex is lying! Recently, johnny said amber started Dating Elon Musk just a month after their wedding! The actor said that that evening, when amber told of beatings, the house was just a Mask!

В побоях Эмбер Херд виноват Илон Маск?

The actor said that at the time, as he was shooting, his young wife entertained Elon Musk. He visited amber in the evenings. the actor States that the head of Tesla was in the Los Angeles home of Depp and heard that night, when amber showed to the public the person with traces of violence.

A few days ago it became known that the actor has sued his former lover for $ 55 million for the damage to reputation that he had been heard accusing ex-lover of domestic violence.

“Ms. Hurd knew that her clever deception work. The result of the false accusations against Mr Depp, she became the darling of the supporters of the movement #MeToo, Ambassador of the American Union of civil liberties…” — said the lawyer of the actor.

Representatives amber said that Depp’s act is “another attempt to get amber to keep quiet,” noting that “the actions of the actor prove that he can’t accept the truth about his abusive behavior.”

“Amber heard will not be silenced. We will prevail in this baseless litigation and put an end to a long and vile persecution of amber from Depp and his team of lawyers.”

Recall that since the divorce amber heard and johnny Depp it’s been two years, but the stars continue to talk about their experiences. Family life he was failed and in a new interview with Hurd admitted that after divorce with the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” she had post-traumatic stress disorder. Previously, the star told how it manifested in her life PTSD.

The most striking manifestation of PTSD symptoms in my life heard happened during the broadcast of the trial of a candidate to the Supreme court of the United States Brett Cavanaugh. It is known that a clinical Professor of psychology Christine Blaisy Ford accused him of rape, because of what Cavanaugh even rallies were held, which were attended by stars. Prayers and works of many women was not taken into account in early October, the vote of the senators ended in his favor.

“The consequences of my psychological injuries are not always obvious to others. I’m not hiding under the table, if you can hear a loud sound while this happens to many people with PTSD. Trauma manifests itself in a strange way even for me. For example, at some moment I suddenly realized that sitting on the floor and cry, looking at what is unfolding in a live Fox or CNN (about the trial of Cavanaugh — approx. ed.)… And I ask myself why I perceive it so close? It’s not my problem? But it’s mine, too. My. I know that every woman who watched the broadcast, was outraged. I don’t think there would be at least one, that this situation is not broken heart. We were all at the scene of Dr. Ford. We know how she feels”.

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