В Бангладеше сотни людей подрались из-за сериала

A mass brawl ended in the Bangladesh dispute on two men recently released on screen Indian series “Kiranmai“. In the end, more than a hundred people were injured, and fifteen of them were in a hospital bed.

The massacre occurred in the village of Dhol. The discussion focused on popular in India series of the Princess-the warrior who fights with an evil spell. Some viewers believe that Kiranmai – Bengali fairy-tale and mythical character, alien to the culture of India, and that it would be necessary to cover this series or to remove from the air. Who hit the first – none of the victims remember. Arrived on call police found the strangest scene: hundreds of healthy men with knives and sticks fought for the right of mythical creatures to get their share of attention in Prime time. To calm the fighting, the guards are only making a few shots in the air (and probably not just in the air).
Popular Indian biger Aminur Rahman later commented on the incident: “It’s sad that we fight a different kind of fantasy. TV channels should watch”.

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