В ожидании Met Gala 2019: разбираем стиль кэмп на примере звезд


In October last year, camp has officially announced the theme of the next Met Gala, since everyone was trying to figure out what awaits us on may 6 at the red carpet annual fashion festival. If previous topics it was pretty clear that the events were devoted to the work of specific designers or, like last year, when fashion and religion, this time the audience had to first understand the meaning of the word.

On the eve of the Met Gala SPLETNIK.RU gathered the main facts about the camp, and examples of the guests of previous years, which could be on the track in old clothes, because they fit perfectly as the theme of this year.

The official name of the Met Gala this year — Camp: Notes on Fashion — refers to the essay, Susan Sontag Notes On Camp, 1964. In it the writer called key elements of camp characteristics such as artificiality, excessiveness, extravagance, nostalgia, irony, old-fashioned and innocent.

В ожидании Met Gala 2019: разбираем стиль кэмп на примере звезд Susan Sontag

As is clear already from this writing, the fantasy of this style in rigid frames does not lock, and we may be the richest in unlike each other images of red carpet.

Camp is not dependent on external factors and is indeed a timeless phenomenon: as examples of this style lead the life of Versailles with the famous “sun king” Louis XIV, and Andy Warhol.

Essay, Sontag outlines the scope of our exhibition, which explores how the elements of irony, humor, parody, stylization, imagination, theatricality and exaggeration are reflected in fashion,

— so the theme of this year presented on the website of the Museum itself, and as an example in the announcement shows the works of Virgil, Able to Off-White, including a little black dress with the words “Little black dress” and boots says “To walk” and the sketch of the blouse with the inscription Too Much Irony (“Too much irony”), referring to Moschino 1991.

В ожидании Met Gala 2019: разбираем стиль кэмп на примере звезд Off-White / Moschino

The main essence of camp is to dethrone the serious,

— wrote Sontag.

Shakespeare’s “all the world’s a stage” also reflects the mood of the camp: to the fore here is fantasy, not a certain dress code.

My understanding of the camp Sontag articulated in 58 points — driven some of them to better imagine what will be inspired by a guest star.


1.Camp is a woman in a dress made of three million feathers.

2.Much of what is valuable to camp — old-fashioned and obsolete. But what was trite, over time, can become fantastic.

3.Androgyny is one of the greatest images of camp sensibility.

4.The ratio of camp to the past is extremely sentimental.

5.Camp despises seriousness. He is a playful and entierety.

6.Camp sees everything in quotation marks. This is not a woman, but “woman”. Not light, and “lamp”. To perceive objects and people should not literally, but as playing a role.

7.Camp is the glorification of nature.

В ожидании Met Gala 2019: разбираем стиль кэмп на примере звезд Lady Gaga, Met Gala in 2016

8.Camp is an aesthetic experience of the world. He embodies the victory of form over content, aesthetics over morality, irony over tragedy.

9.Camp proposes a comic vision of the world.

В ожидании Met Gala 2019: разбираем стиль кэмп на примере звезд Liv Tyler and Stella McCartney, Met Gala in 1999

10.Final approval of the camp: it is good because it’s awful!

Sponsor of the exhibition this year became creative Director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele and his creativity reflects the idea camp. In her collections the designer and glorifies androgyny and the mix of high and low styles, and theatrical and old-fashioned. The co-chairs of the Met Gala will be Lady Gaga, Serena Williams and Harry styles.

The exhibition, which opens may 9 and runs until September 8, will feature about 250 outfits from 37 brands, including Christian Dior, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Moschino, and others. The exhibition also presents objects Dating from the XVII century, and things managed to become a cult in modern times (for example, the legendary dress of the Swan, which the singer Bjork wore to the ceremony “Oscar” in 2001).

В ожидании Met Gala 2019: разбираем стиль кэмп на примере звезд Björk

It is interesting to note that, according to the publication WWD, the brands Dior, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein this year refused a table booking on the Met Gala. At the same Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry have attended places. The ticket price (Yes, theoretically, the ball is open to all) for the event is 35 thousand dollars. Reservation of a table for several persons will cost 275 thousands of dollars. And that brands often cover these costs for the stars.

By the way, the epigraph to the catalogue of the exhibition took the quote from Oscar Wilde: “Man is or should be a work of art itself, or wear a work of art.” Lines from different works of the writer herself Sontag also included in your essay.

Look forward to seeing what works of art have prepared for us designers and celebrities this time!

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