In Africa walk: Dima Bilan explained why I flew to another continent

В Африку гулять: Дима Билан объяснил, зачем улетел на другой континент
The singer expressed his opinion on the topic of health care in this country.

Dima Bilan

Photo: Instagram

Dima Bilan, telling followers of his microblog about
that is going to Africa, could not imagine, what will turn his innocent news
the ambulance service. Most popular queries in search engines
Internet so stunned singer that he was compelled to make a formal and when
this very emotional statement.

“You know what, great friends! — says the artist. — No,
not those who has a right to an opinion, and those who have a sick fantasy
my ailment or illness, or any such nonsense that suddenly I’m going to be treated in
Africa… I do these reviews did not write, but got!!! Give you
God is all health, but I’m not going to pay attention to any stupid bloggers
who created the Internet for the program or make reference to the fact that I was dead!
Lit the wrong way! But I tend
to think, I was interested in, obviously, and very interesting, which can neither
good. But human stupidity bothers me! Need to come up with this —
Dima Bilan is flying to Africa is treated! Probably to Dr. Dolittle, nothing else! Zebra
I’m going to iron, Zebra and giraffe! What are you, “Madagascar” was not looking? Why?
Experience fresh need. Too many projects ahead, concerts, important
Affairs! I need this ride!”

Fans of the singer called his idol not to pay attention to gossip and obtain from the trip max fresh impressions and