В Сети появились новые снимки беременной Мэрилин Керро The witch organized the workshop in Saint-Petersburg. Most of the time Marilyn Kerro spends in Estonia, however, sometimes arrives in Russia, where he gives master classes in their centers.
В Сети появились новые снимки беременной Мэрилин Керро

Last weekend St. Petersburg hosted a seminar with the participation of the stars of “Battle of psychics” Marilyn Kerro. The witch gave a master class on magic stones. In the Internet appeared the pictures of the finalists of the most mystical show on television. In the pictures Mary is wearing a red jumper, which does not hide its rounded tummy. The footage confirmed the information that previously appeared in the Network: Kerro pregnant.

Despite the interesting position, witch held a seminar, and visitors got a lot of positive emotions and important knowledge. “Mary, you look as beautiful as ever, an interesting situation always adorns a woman, health to you”, “I Wish you a easy birth and healthy baby”, “Mary, congratulations, dear! Happiness!”, “Plenty of time to think and reflect. Mary wants to listen endlessly! Wise, heartfelt, and sincere! Deep person and personality. Her energy and positive is a delight, and teaching herself Mary always delight and inspire! A great seminar. Mary – very clever!” noted fans of kerro.

Participant of “Battle of psychics” trying not to advertise personal life. In the video, which appeared at operator TNT Denis, it was evident how happy Kerro. She chews the banana and thinks about their situation.

“I gained some weight… It’s male, beautiful, pretty, good. This is [name] I want to say,” said Marilyn.

According to some, the witch will become a mother of a beautiful girl. For a long time the young woman did not plan to have children. “When I’m a mother, I want to be calm, experienced. I don’t want to give birth to something to show someone. After all, the kid is also a person. All the time. Children don’t turn out just so. We must always think if I’m ready for motherhood. Many women thoughtlessly give birth to someone to love or to be loved, or to keep a man. This is wrong. I don’t want to bear a child for the sake of someone near me. There must be other reasons. Many of us have children, and then forget about them,” said the star.

Some time ago, the Network was actively discussed the new boyfriend of kerro. Fans of Mary believe that she’s Dating mark Alexander Hansen. It saw the star in the most mystical show on her last visit to the capital. However, Kerro does not give official comments.

В Сети появились новые снимки беременной Мэрилин Керро