In a Network there were new photos of son Dmitry Malikov

В Сети появилось новое фото сына Дмитрия Маликова
Sister of the singer to babysit nephew.

В Сети появилось новое фото сына Дмитрия Маликова

Inna Malikova nephew

Photo: @Instagram innamalikova Inna Malikova

Inna Malikova Pascha was met visiting elder brother. In the house of Dmitry was invited to the celebratory Breakfast on the occasion of Easter. Inna was a great opportunity to see my little nephew, born just two months ago. In social networks, the soloist of “Samotsvety” published a photo with mark.

In order not to attract too much attention, Inna showed the uncle and nephew in stories of Instagram, where the frame is stored only a day. Neither Dmitry, nor Helen, his wife, photographs of family meetings is not shared. Despite the fact that Maliki sees himself as a blogger, to broadcast on the social network and son he did not intend.

Stefaniya Malikova made a surprising confession about the birth of a brother

Incidentally, Malikova assumed that they will be able to save the birth of a son in secret. Information about childbirth by the surrogate mother was leaked to the press by accident, that really upset spouses. Musician managed to hide from the media many years of preparation for the advent of an heir. Only once in an interview, Malik said that dreams about the birth of a boy and actively working on it. Probably, already there was a preparation to the search for the perfect surrogate mother for Mark.

By the way, parents, although for many years the birth of a son, his name pre-select failed. Only a month after the birth, he was called mark.