В Сети появилось видео, подтверждающее обвинения Эмбер Херд
Johnny Depp appeared before the audience as an aggressive bully.

Amber heard and johnny Depp

Photo: Instagram.com

In the Internet appeared the video,
shocked all who watched it. This recording, made, apparently,
many months ago, before amber heard Depp accused in the beating, somehow fell into the possession
the Internet portal TMZ.
It shows a scene of family life amber heard and johnny Depp. So we
Depp has not seen: johnny frantically yells at the herd, cursing and destroying everything around

The whole scene began with
what amber saw that her husband obviously can not afford, asked him innocent
question: “What happened? Because we’re, like, not fighting today
in the morning?” In response to what Depp immediately starts to swear and brawl. He
the force slams the doors of the kitchen cabinets, smashing the glass, furious
smashes it on the floor a glass. Then grabs a bottle of wine, pouring,
what is there in a large glass and immediately drink its contents … then
throwing it on the floor the bottle. And noticing that amber takes it off, again shouting
curses, runs to her, grabs her phone and throwing it on the floor…

After watching this
all who thought that amber heard Depp slandered, saying that he was
themselves in relation to her aggressive throughout their marriage, seriously
thoughtful. Although formerly
civil spouse Depp — Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder, which was considered once
his bride, claimed he was always nice and courteous and could not
to hurt a woman, now believe it is not easy.

However, this entry represents
only a threat to the reputation of johnny. In court, it can hardly be accepted as
proof. First, the video is very fuzzy. And secondly, how do you think
some experts who have seen it, it was subjected to mounting. Even though
if amber special “glued” to different episodes to represent johnny in the most
bad light, she still had something to work with. In other words, Depp is not just for
the time of their marriage acted like a drunken bully…

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