In a network there was evidence pregnancy Rita Dakota

В сети появились доказательства беременности Риты Дакота
Since then, as Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota became husband and wife, their fans are eagerly awaiting replenishment in their family.

В сети появились доказательства беременности Риты Дакота

That’s just Rita, and regularly publish a photo of his perfectly flat stomach, there to talk about the pregnancy were not given.

But, according to Life, this event still happened and the girl is at an early stage of pregnancy.

В сети появились доказательства беременности Риты Дакота

It is noteworthy that after the news leaked, Rita published a long post with thoughts about how could she imagine that “the young guitarist”, when something can become a caring father for their children.

– Mark variant of young guitarist, You may never would have learned how wise and caring father he would one day become for your children. I remember when Vlad and only the ‘chosen’ each other, we were not such as now. I was a chubby punk with dull blond Bob and torn sneakers, Vlad was a young pop musician with a temporary crisis in the art, the two of us had nothing each other ‘offer’, in addition to the very real and overwhelming love in spite of – written Rita.

Of course, direct evidence that Vlad will soon become a father she did not give, but still hinted that that’s what they are.

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