In a network there was double the dancing millionaire Vacca

В сети появился двойник танцующего миллионера Вакки

Unidentified man externally, just like the famous Italian, but the sense of rhythm and taste in clothing have double clearly suffering.

That’s what it means to Wake up famous. Lived unknown Italian and not grieve. And after the whole world fell in love with the dancing millionaire Vacca, this very ordinary Italian life also changed dramatically. And all because he was similar to his countryman as two drops of water! Growth, facial contours, hair color – well, just a copy. It was enough to grow the same beard as Gianluca, and now from the original not to distinguish.

A man leads his page on Instagram called vacchi_gi._il_sosia_official, which means “Official double Vacca” (sosia Italian translates as “duplicate”) and has already collected 3 thousand fans.

В сети появился двойник танцующего миллионера ВаккиThe Vacca
В сети появился двойник танцующего миллионера ВаккиHis double

Every day he puts pictures and video, which tries to imitate the original. However, in vain. In addition to the external similarities, the rest of the Italian loses much real millionaire. And taste in clothes, a strange: hardly Gianluca dressed in all pink. And the double-pack abs can boast of, and when trying to dance just like the Vacca, it only hurts yourself. With a sense of rhythm in this Italian obvious problems, and the dancing is very clumsy. As they say, sometimes better to chew, than to… dance. The Italian would have earned a lot more subscribers, if only he posted a selfie on them, it really is indistinguishable from the real millionaire.

And while most of his readers think the guy clown who is trying to cash in on someone else’s glory.

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