In a nervous breakdown Kanye West blame drugs

В нервном срыве Канье Веста виноваты наркотики

As reported by the Western media, the breakdown of the American rapper Kanye West, in particular, his attack on the man, was not so much related to mental disorders, as previously stated, and with the use of actor drugs. After the stress experienced in September, when his dear wife was committed the brazen armed attack, Kanye began to abuse alcohol and drugs. That he had alleged for the normalization of the nervous system, but it worked out just the opposite.

In the final weeks before the failure of the West worked around the clock, and it is now known that the doping he took. We are talking about cocaine and as yet unknown tablets, which, instead of elation brought him into a deep depression.
“Doping Kanye consisted of cocaine and alcohol, mostly, Hennessey. It all led him to big problems” — said the insider, and added that the West, even myself antidepressants appointed, and bought them from a friend dealer in West Hollywood.
“He wanted to escape from problems, and found a bigger problem” say the insiders.
We will remind that on November 21 Kanye West was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown after the rapper became inadequate and behave aggressively in the sports hall Los Angeles. Artist eve has canceled several concerts and got on the front pages of Newspapers because of their strange oratorical speeches during previous performances. Reported that the actor slept for the last week, and his body was exhausted.
Earlier media reported that Kanye was diagnosed with “paranoid schizophrenia”, but no one officially diagnosis.