“Impulsive and explosive” former participants “House-2” remember the dead Maria Natalia Politov

«Импульсивная и взрывная»: экс-участники «Дома-2» вспоминают погибшую Марию Политову Today it was discovered the girl’s body. Last week Maria Politova has stopped communicating with family and friends. Common-law spouse girl told me that she took potent pills.
«Импульсивная и взрывная»: экс-участники «Дома-2» вспоминают погибшую Марию Политову

13 December it became known that the 30-year-old ex-participant reality show “House-2” Maria Politova was found dead in the suburbs. Presumably, the girl’s body for several days lay on the street and it was discovered by a passer-by. Now under investigation and it turns out that has occurred actually. Missing former participant “Houses-2” Maria Politova was found dead

Colleagues at the TV show with fond memories of Mary. The girl appeared on the project three times: from January to February 2006, then from June to September 2007, and from 4 to 24 June 2010. Forgotten participants “House-2”: what is remembered and where are they now

Olga Sun said “StarHit” that the last time he saw Maria a couple of years ago at a party. She admitted that she was very surprised by the changes that occurred in the life of Natalia Politov.

“She was just a child, and I’m actually surprised that it took on the project. At the moment when Maria appeared on the show, we already had an established team. She was an extraordinary personality. Could interfere on level ground, and it was necessary to develop her particular approach. And I have had conflicts. She couldn’t adhere to some set of rules in the collective. We became friends when I reviewed to her the attitude.”

“I realized that many things she does not out of malice, but simply because she is such a person. It was necessary for people in the role of patron, recalls the Sun. – Masha was cheerful, but did not always understand the joke. After the project was seen at parties. She came in such an ugly duckling, you might say, and then ended up in the modeling business. I was very happy that it all turned out”.

Stepan Menshikov was one of those who helped Mary on the project. Despite the fact that initially they did not ladilis relationship, they were still able to find common language and make friends.

“She was an amazing girl, anyone not like, unique. I think she had problems with her mother, some kind of conflict. Must have been a difficult teenager. She appeared on the project is very young, when she was only 18 years old. I think even guy has never been, – said Stepan “StarHit”. We spoke just six months ago. I think she had no close friends. She was not very sociable, impulsive, explosive and inconsistent”.

Rustam Solntsev has admitted that he trusted Mary more than anyone else on the project. He was happy with her progress. Showman can’t believe her death and does not understand why a civilian spouse could not save her from a tragic death. Husband disappeared participants “House-2”: “Mary took from the house the potent pills”

“Mary was a wonderful person, a ray of light. One time we were friends with her, walking together. I was delighted that the image of a frivolous girl, who it stuck on the project, is not true. She was considerate and calm, cheerful, intelligent and correct.”

“Mary not only sang well, but was a great friend, I could trust her not to tell others. She has a good, decent family – shared the sun with “StarHit”. Just, unfortunately, in a difficult period of her life was not near a person who could see that she was ill, and lend a helping hand. And it’s awful… as far As I know, it was a young man. Why not support it? As allowed this to happen? They lived together… I Remember once I met her in the sports club and she told me that she lost 30 pounds – for the sake of love. It says more about dedication. And its not saved… I really grieve”.

Vlad kadoni was hard to talk about the death of Mary, but because he was limited to publication on Instagram. “Masha Politova. Remember. Love. Grieve. The Kingdom of heaven to you, you were a wonderful person,” wrote former participant of “House-2”.

Nadezhda Ermakova was upset about the sad news, which became known just today. Apparently she was very upset when he went missing Politova, and hoped that she was all right.

Fans also can’t believe in the death of Natalia Politov. They were reviewing movies with her participation and noted that she was very kind and cheerful person.