Имплантация зубов осложнения и противопоказания

Implantation in the clinic “Name” is made by highly qualified specialists using the latest equipment, so the filling for many people is a completely painless process. But any surgery is fraught with unpredictable consequences. To avoid such problems, carefully taking into account all contraindications. Only a small number (3-5 %) of patients have complications caused by their physiological characteristics or other reasons.

Complications of dental implants

To surgical (operating) complications include:
• The bleeding in the damaged trunks and blood vessels.

• Violation of the integrity of the nasal cavity and the sheath of the maxillary sinus.

• Overheating of the periodontal tissue with the formation of granulation tissue, not giving the right material to infiltrate the tissue.

The dental clinic in (“metro… / on the street…”) used 3D computer technology to accurately calculate the location of the implant, to avoid operational and the majority of postoperative troubles.


Postoperative complications:
1. Numbness up to 3-5 hours is considered normal. If lasts longer, it may be caused by nerve damage.

2. Pain syndrome occurs after the expiration of painkillers lasts 2-3 days.

3. Possible minor bleeding within a few days.

4. If more than 2-3 days keeps the temperature above 37 — it is an alarming symptom.

5. Failure to comply with a patient’s hygiene standards, infection may get into the wound, causing purulent inflammation of the tissues.

6. If edema continues longer than 5-7 days and turns blue, then it is a signal a serious destructive process.

7. Joints possible mechanical damage, inflammation.

8. Complete implant failure happens in rare cases, as the material is biologically compatible with human tissues, survives well.
With the consistent work of a specialist and the patient’s complications are minimized. If they do arise, it is necessary to contact the doctor who performed the operation. Most of them are easily treatable, the implant saved.
In dentistry, the prices of implants are still high (20-50 thousand rubles depending on the selected materials and the complexity of the work), but the reliability of the prosthesis and long service life (10-15 years) their overlap. When implanting several teeth that are close together, the total cost is reduced through the use crowns special design. The main condition of the prosthesis — no major contraindications.

Contraindications to dental implantation

Consultation with a specialist will allow timely detection of the disease of those systems and organs that implantation can affect adversely. Surgery cause increased immune system, aimed at healing of tissues. Therefore, the main reason contraindications are chronic and acute diseases that can worsen the overall condition of the body, hindering wound healing:

• heart

• nervous

• tumor

• pulmonary

• mental

• endocrine

• kidney failure

• circulatory problems

• disorders of the immune system.
The operation shall not be performed if the patient has some features or disease of the mouth: malocclusion, increased dental abrasion, and jaw defects, low bone volume, tooth decay, periodontitis, periodontitis, gingivitis, bruxism.

Contraindications are: age (up to 22 years); pregnancy; intolerance to certain anesthetic drugs, an allergic reaction; chronic alcoholism, drug abuse; the presence in the body of other implants etc.

Some of the causes of failure can be easily eliminated. For example, cured diseases of the oral cavity or after the course of medication, you can begin operation.

Dentistry in (“MEDISSA Art”) invites everyone to take advantage of modern high-quality services. We guarantee a great result when the patient’s compliance with all regulations and requirements.

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