“Immortal regiment”: the star showed a unique photo of their loved

«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных Vera Brezhneva, Lolita Milyavskaya, Igor Nikolaev and other artists celebrated the Day of Victory. Movie stars, theater and music, took part in the action “Immortal regiment”, published unique photos of their grandfathers and great grandfathers.
«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных

Holiday, victory Day, leaves no one indifferent. Every family in the former Soviet Union on this day honor their heroes of the great Patriotic war. For several years there was a tradition to remember those who can’t congratulate, personally, participating in the action “Immortal regiment”. The descendants of those who fought out on the streets of their city with the portraits of grandfathers and great grandfathers.

Stars of film, television and music also took part in the event, however, many are only virtual. May 9 morning celebrity began to publish photos of their soldiers, those who defended their homeland and did not return from the war, those who stoically survived the blockade in Leningrad, those who heroically worked in the rear.

«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных“Mikhalkov Sergey Vladimirovich. Love that picture. My Immortal Regiment,” wrote Anna Mikhalkova.

Lolita showed a photo of his grandfather, whom he never saw, Svetlana Bondarchuk old Volodya. Anna Mikhalkov published a picture of his famous ancestor. Poet, novelist, writer of beloved children’s poems by Sergei Mikhalkov during the great Patriotic war was a war correspondent. Retreating with the troops of the Soviet army to Stalingrad, Mikhalkov received a concussion. Among his many awards there is also a military combat medals.

«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных“I was looking for the birth certificate of the father. And in the archive I found this photo of my grandfather. I’ve never seen him before, he died from gangrene, after the war, after Stalin’s camps… Grandpa, thank you, you were…” – signed photo of Lolita

Tatiana lutaeva, along with her friend actress Ekaterina Klimova and her sons met the Victory day in red square. The actress watched the Grand parade near the Kremlin walls at the viewing platform. Former mother-in-law Alexei Chadova shared memories about their relatives who survived the war – a grandfather and uncle who was “son of the regiment”.

«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных“With The Victory Day! Lutaev Vladislav Maksimovich. My uncle Gera Lutaev, “son of regiment”, 39 army. Thank you for the victory! Eternal memory”, – signed photo of Tatiana lutaeva.

Igor Nikolaev as a proud military background of his family. His followers, the Maestro showed a photo of his grandfather, who was among the thousands of Soviet soldiers had stormed Berlin in the spring of 1945.

“My immortal regiment. My grandfather, Ivan Nikolayev, participant of the storming of Berlin. The bright memory of you, grandpa Vanya! With The Victory Day!” – written by Igor Nikolaev.
«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных

Singer Julia Savicheva on his page on Instagram has shared three relatives – participants of the great struggle against fascism. The actress said that she was lucky to personally communicate with their grandparents. “I managed to communicate with his two grandparents. Despite the fact that I was about three or four years, I remembered a few moments,” wrote Julia. The singer also remembered the horrors of the war, which told her family. For example, about how starvation in the siege of Konigsberg, survived only those who did not disdain to eat the meat of dead animals.

«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных“Great-grandfather Ivan Konstantinov (my great-grandfather on my mother’s side) was a major, commander of the first infantry division. He went through the war, was wounded and hurt. He was hard of hearing. I remember what it was wiry and gray. Loved to babysit me when mom and grandma were at work. Bulls great-grandfather George (my grandmother’s father on my father’s side) passed all war, was a member of the first armored division. He was very tall and powerful man with huge hands. One of them was not middle and ring fingers. I remember he told me that before the capture of Berlin they were in the siege of Konigsberg. There was nothing and survived only those who are able to eat meat of the dead horses, dogs or even worse… scared to even talk. With Ivan Savicheva great-grandfather (father of my grandfather on my father’s side) unfortunately, I can not communicate. He was military service in 1937 and came to Odessa in 1944, where he received a severe wound. My grandmother always said, he is very burned, and then long was in the hospital. Was the senior Lieutenant, commander of the reconnaissance. All of them have had many accomplishments and awards. If I had the opportunity to talk to them, then of course it would be different understanding and attitude. I certainly wouldn’t ask them about the war because they wanted to forget these horrors, but unfortunately could not. I would be looking at them as a living miracle. I’d hugged, kissed them, and just said thank you!” – posted by Julia Savicheva.

“Grandfather and grandmother Michael S. Gazmanov and Zinaida Abramovna Altshuler. Grandpa fought in the Third Belorussian front. 30 years of his life devoted to service in the Soviet Army. He resigned in 1972 to the rank of major construction troops. Was awarded the order of the red star.Grandmother both served and fought. Grandfather in the West, the grandmother in the East. Both received the medal “For the victory”, but the grandfather for the victory over Germany, and my grandmother – for the victory over Japan. After the war my grandfather stayed in Berlin, and Grandmother in the far East. As they met, it is difficult to imagine, but in Kaliningrad, they came together,” wrote Rodion Gazmanov.

Their relatives, past war, said the eldest son of people’s artist Oleg Gazmanov – Rodion. He told his followers of the exploits of grandfathers and grandmothers, about how and where they fought, and how happily returned alive.

A special holiday – the Day of Victory and Alexander Oleshko. A photo of his grandfather, the artist shared with Internet users.

Singer Sati Casanova recalled the exploits of his grandfather, about how and where he was wounded as he went to the front and never came back his siblings. “It’s been 73 years since the end of the war, but the brother of my grandfather was never found. The rest of your life grandfather suffered from resulting in war wounds, but even more, it gave him a longing for the brothers who were lost and could not find. With Victory Day! Appreciate, respect, and love”, – said the artist.

«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных
«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных“My grandfather fought in the Rostov region, near the river dipper, which is located between Rostov and Voronezh. With severe bullet wounds, broken legs he was in a field hospital, there is a day brought his commander. And together with my grandfather fought two of his brothers, and he was very worried for them, while lying in the infirmary.In spite of his injuries, he crawled to the commander while they are on the stretcher lay waiting for the doctors, and asked what he knows about his family. The commander said that just yesterday there was a battle where both his brother, but never returned. .Their bodies are also not found, so long as they are considered missing,” wrote Sati Kazanova.
«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных“Blond guy in the photo is a brave warrior Fedor Andreevich Oleshko! Went through the whole war. Came to Berlin! Liberated Warsaw, Budapest! He was awarded orders and medals, including the medal “For courage!”. Remember and take pride in! With The Victory Day!” – signed photo of my grandfather Alexander Oleshko.

The native grandfather of the actress Catherine velichenko participated in the most famous tank battle at Kursk, and in the fighting at the Bryansk and 1st Ukrainian fronts. The story of his relative, the actress told on his page on Instagram. As we did in 1938 to serve in the Red Army four years later at the age of 29, went to the front was a technician and foreman-mechanic, and then commanders of the T-34. The actress meticulously listed all the awards my grandfather the medal “For Courage”, “For Military merit”, the order “red Star”, “For Capture of Berlin”, “For Liberation of Prague” , “For Victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945”.


«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных“On July 19, 1943, under artillery and mortar fire shifted the lid of the engine block, pierced by shrapnel and machine delivered ammunition by… my Grandfather was brave and courageous. He took the whole front to Berlin and ended the war in Prague, participated in its liberation. After the war he worked as a driving instructor tanks in Saratov tank military school, and from 1959 taught military students drive cars& Remember! Love! We are proud!” – posted by Catherine velichenko.

The singer Sergey Lazarev briefly congratulated all with the holiday and showed how brave the soldier was his great – grandfather- the youngest political leader Alexander Slavnov, who died in 1942.


Sergey Bezrukov noted that victory Day is not virtual, and in person. The actor took part in the Immortal regiment March in Moscow. He proudly carried the portrait of his grandfather-veteran Mikhail Surov, who returned from the war alive, and he died 13 years ago.

«Бессмертный полк»: звезды показали уникальные фото своих родных

Grandfather of actress Ksenia Alferova did not like to tell her granddaughter about the war. The war Ivan Kuzmich was a marine. As told by the artist, went to the front as a volunteer, was wounded in the battle on the Dnieper river, and after the hospital sent to the far East.


“My grandfather Alferov Ivan Kuzmich! At the age of 17 went to the front as a volunteer, assigning myself one year! Fought in the infantry. In crossing the Dnieper, was wounded. Then he issued a decree to send to be treated at the place of residence. Was in the hospital in Novosibirsk. After which he was sent on courses and the Lieutenant, at the end thereof, was sent to fight in the far East. Never talked about the war, didn’t love her remember! Loved me immensely, was always my hero and protector! Thank you, grandfather, for you for everything!” – wrote Ksenia Alferova.

Vera Brezhnev, Victory Day, shared a photo with her grandmother, which is also called Faith. It is usually the singer congratulated on 9 May. So it was literally until last year, when her grandmother did not. “The last link which connects us with the events of those years – our grandmother’s Faith, held the siege of Leningrad was broken last year… there was love, gratitude and memory. Eternal Memory,” wrote Vera Brezhnev.