Image of the day: J. Lo in the apron of a Soviet schoolgirl

Образ дня: Джей Ло в фартуке советской школьницы

The singer’s wardrobe is rich in flamboyant outfits, has been in place and familiar to all of us since childhood – school apron in the spirit of the USSR.

It is a short white apron chose J. Lo for her performance on the show American Idol. In it, the singer unveiled a new song called I Ain’t Your Mama (“I’m not your mom”).

Of course, if you look at Jennifer through the eyes of the American public, it will be understood that familiar to us, those who come from the USSR, school apron, it is nothing like the return of J. Lo to the image of the maid, which she first tried in 2002 in the movie “maid in Manhattan”, where she played Marisa – a hotel employee.

Then J. Lo was 32 years old and now 46, but I’ll give her that, despite the 14-year mark, the maid in her performance is very sexy.

On the stage of American Idol Lopez surrounded by backup dancers in exactly the same aprons rhythmically dancing, waving a broom to clean the house and sang: “I’m not going to cook all day, I’m not your mom. I’m not going to wash your clothes, I’m not your mom. I’m not your mother, boy, I’m not your mom”.

Many fans saw the song J. Lo secret meaning and suggested that she devoted fiance of singer Casper Smart, because he’s younger than her 28 years… And last year the couple announced their intention to get married, but something pulls and pulls with the wedding. It isn’t the song I Ain t Your Mama a hint of Casper that Jennifer is unhappy with his behavior?

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