I’m sexy and I know it: миллионер показал, что такое вкус к жизни

Italian finanzit blew up the Internet dancing with the sultry beauties.

Meet Gianluca Vacca. The Italian millionaire playboy and a striking confirmation of the Russian proverb about the old horse furrow not spoil. This guy (calling him an old man do not dare) lightning gained fame among fans of Instagram. For global popularity, it took nothing to remove several videos from your holiday on a yacht.

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A couple of days the videos Gianluca scored several million views and thousands of enthusiastic responses. Mostly from the ladies. And no wonder. For his years of Vacca looks great: inflated torso (the result of daily diligent training in the gym), stylish beard, a respectable gray korotkometrazhnyh hair, blue eyes and tattoos all over the body. In an interview, the man said about the numerous tattoos that, when the question arose to soil yourself inside or outside, he chose the latter. Though now dressed in a tuxedo and take in a new part of James Bond. Add to this the as Gianluca, estimated at several million euros. The Vacca is the representative of the famous Italian dynasty, gave the world many artists. However, he went his own way, contrary to the call of the ancestors. Currently heads a large company that produces trailers and is the co-owner of the enterprise for the production of packaging for pharmaceuticals. Is the owner of luxury Villa in Bologna with a designer interior and precious paintings by contemporary artists. Moving around the world on a yacht, private plane or helicopter. But don’t mind to drive an expensive sports car and bikes.

Not to mention a terrific sense of rhythm of Italian. He spins in the dance is not worse than their young partners. He is familiar with international celebrities. In 2011, paparazzi caught a shot in society Michelle Rodriguez. He invited the actress to relax after a long shoot on his yacht off the coast of Sardinia. The girl accepted the offer. Boat trips they alternate with trips on the motorcycle. On the novel of the pair is unknown. It is clear that Wakka can not only work hard, but have fun as well. Your lifestyle a man identified as “GV Lifestyle” (for the initials) and even devoted a whole website and a book called “Enjoy”. What’s that, and it’s an Italian macho to do. And ready to teach you this. On the GV portal you can see his training system, closet, understand the value of tattoos and just enjoy a life of luxury.

Saturday afternoon fever @jogiorgiajo @ricky_martin #gvlifestyle #mordidita #rickymartin

Video posted by Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi) Jul 23 2016 7:04 PDT

However, to get the attention, and especially love of a millionaire, of course, is not so easy. Concureze too big! Yes and he is married to the beautiful Georgia with a steel press.

But this incentive can be more beautiful by the day by the system of his training. So subscribe and shakes us.

Sigla summer 2016 @jogiorgiajo #gvlifestyle #lioibiza

Video posted by Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi) Jul 10 2016 9:42 PDT

In the meantime…

By the way, Gianluca may soon have a serious competitor. Last week through the efforts of Ksenia Sobchak in Instagram appeared Andrei Malakhov, which your body will be able to Eclipse the Italian beauty. His bare back was collected 100 thousand subscribers in a few days.

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