I’m not guilty: as star husbands publicly beg forgiveness

Не виноватый я: как звездные мужья публично вымаливают прощение “StarHit” remember those who are not afraid to repent for his sins in the eyes of millions of people. Someone applied to the second halves through the television, others have acknowledged the error by publishing the findings in social networks. Each of them has its own way to acknowledge their guilt, and such stories never end the same way.

      Не виноватый я: как звездные мужья публично вымаливают прощение

      At the time, they inflicted wounds beloveds and now were in the unusual role – the penitents. “StarHit” remember those who, strewing ashes on his head, tried to regain the beloved, which once cruelly treated. In our collection – those who are not afraid of condemnation and the public and tried to get through to the second half, though, and through public humiliation.

      Gleb Zhemchugov and Olga Wind

      The couple participated in the reality show, had all the admiration. Gleb Zhemchugov and Olga Wind were like made for each other. And the little son Misha was completed this romantic idyll. Olga became a “Man of the year”, got an apartment. A cozy family nest, a beautiful child, a beautiful wife – what else you need young man? So the news that Olga the Wind away from her husband, from the project and collects the divorce papers, was like a joke.

      Не виноватый я: как звездные мужья публично вымаливают прощение

      But doubts soon dissipated, the bitter truth of the relationship between the spouses has become known to all. It should be noted that Olga liked Hleb as he is, considering the wife of the best man in the world. Apparently, that Gleb was not enough and he decided to revive old: turned his hot gaze toward Elizabeth Polygalova. At first the quarrel and the departure of his wife did not care Zhemchugova. He made himself a liposuction to look slimmer and more attractive. Gleb even openly admitted to “StarHit”: “Yes, complexity in the individual, his wife left him, and the whims poured from the cornucopia. But I did not lose heart and remember that I’m the only one”.

      A beautiful Lisa from the site “House-2. The “island of love” was a girl flighty and whimsical, love claims Hleb rejected. He suddenly realized that he had lost because of his thoughtless act. And in desperation begged his wife’s forgiveness.

      “I understand everything, but I can’t accept not accustomed, or rather, forgot how to be single and don’t want to get used to, without his wife in the shower was empty, and it is not important all claims, carping, frustration, it all became a trifle compared with the fact that now my wife’s not around… And tomorrow the inside will be the abyss…” – wrote the glib, as if turning to social networks for help.

      Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov

      Не виноватый я: как звездные мужья публично вымаливают прощение

      After a dozen years of a joint life and happy marriage Tatyana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov suddenly cracked. And, probably, for this reason, in the “Integral” came the voice crying for assistance in the execution of Vladislav Radimov, who speaks to his followers.

      “Your mistakes have to admit, if you are not lazy, write to me here, for Tanya, asking me to forgive! And if you’ll excuse me, I sing “don’t cry” in a duet and post it here! Thanks in advance!”, – with sincere anguish wrote a confused husband.

      Of course, he didn’t say a word about the true cause of the quarrel with Tatiana. And “cause” in the image of a fitness instructor Irina Yakovleva has long occupied the heart of Vladislav, who she seems to be liked a long time. For example, employees of a five star hotel “Sokos” in Saint-Petersburg gave young a cozy nest. Mistress ex-wife Tatyana Bulanova told about their relationship

      Of course, such adventures Vladislav Radimov has not caused delight from Tatyana Bulanova. For some time the couple tried to mend fences, but still divorced.


      Не виноватый я: как звездные мужья публично вымаливают прощение

      Singer Prokhor Chaliapin and businesswomen Larisa Kopenkina shocked at the time, strict adherents of morality. A young, handsome man and pretty woman in years, his behavior and later by marriage only added fuel to the fire. However, most of the public liked this love for show, mutual adoration, bold photos taken on the beach. And then suddenly bright feelings welled up in a dark storm cloud. And everyone began to wash dirty linen in shared family house.

      The climax of the breakup of a love relationship Prokhor Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina can be considered a noisy divorce in the whole country, the division of property and participation in various TV shows in which no one is spared each other, trying painful sting heart of the once loved one.

      He later Prokhorov openly stated on television that he truly regrets how he treated ex-wife and hopes that someday she can forgive him.

      What has recently been the surprise of the public when it was revealed that the former couple are going to love the show on one of the television channels. Although the last meeting of Larisa and Prochorus, for example, at fashion Week in Moscow showed that they were peaceful and friendly. Apparently, the singer still managed to beg forgiveness from Kopenkina.

      Marat Basharov and Catherine arkharova

      Не виноватый я: как звездные мужья публично вымаливают прощение

      Noble hero – Lieutenant Ivan Stolbov of the popular series “the Border. Taiga romance”, a romantic and tenderly loving the main character probably would never have raised a hand against a woman. And this played, by the way bright, the famous actor Marat Basharov – able. It’s his fault that the photo they battered wife, actress Catherine ancharovoj spread through the pages of many publications. Of course, Marat did not want the bad publicity and all blamed on its stubborn nature, they say, could not resist and climbed to fight. “Still hurt, disgusted and very embarrassed. So deceived in a man” – was indignant Arkharov in a television interview.

      Marat Basharova was born the son

      But one day, apparently tired of the criticisms, rumors and accusations, Marat Basharov decided on a courageous act. On the transfer of Andrey Malakhov, “Tonight”, he publicly repented in all his actions and asked forgiveness from a former lover.

      “I want to say: first, do not believe the Internet and television, believe only yourself. And his wife with the whole country I want to say: Kate, I loved, love and will love, because you are my wife and I first got married and I will love you always. I want to apologize to you for everything. People sometimes quarrel. But you can’t make it to the overall show. We do understand, someone who was hitting. You don’t know the truth.”

      Tanya Tereshina and Glory Nikitin

      Не виноватый я: как звездные мужья публично вымаливают прощение

      Former soloist soloist of group Hi-Fi Tanya Tereshina and VJ of channel RU TV Slava Nikitin, until recently, was considered the most friendly and outrageous couple. Young people have never experienced complexes before the public, felt themselves free and relaxed people: in love and actions. For example, the beautiful Tanya did not have to sit in his microblog without underwear or to expose a photo where it shows bare chest. Glory did not pay any attention, he was just blinded by love for his wife and little daughter ARIS.

      However, soon the couple decided to part. Tereshina then explained that the reason for the obnoxious and violent nature of her lover. According to the singer, when the husband started the quarrel over trifles, he could not afford and vulgar language, and quite aggressive behavior. In turn, did not remain in debt and Glory Nikitin. According to him, the wife has more to do with family, household chores and love. A passionate controversy has developed in “Instalarme”: subscribers and fans of Fame and Tanya offered their recipes of reconciliation. And yet, it was felt that, despite the determination and toughness of the singer, burn your bridges while none of the couples were not going to. An example of this is the recent act of Glory Nikitin, when the transfer NTV “You’re not gonna believe this!” he apologized to his wife: “Tanya, I’m sorry, I love you!”.

      Rose Sabitova and Yuri Andreev

      Не виноватый я: как звездные мужья публично вымаливают прощение

      What we have – when it is gone. This truth convinces us of the words of Yuri Andreev, the former husband of folk matchmaker – Rose Syabitova expressed in the pages of “StarHit”. He asks forgiveness for the offense at the time of the betrayal.

      Friend Rose Syabitova told him about a secret affair stars

      “I had no right to humiliate Rose in disbelief. A few times I suspected her of infidelity, cursing, all of it was unfounded. But most importantly, I want to apologize to Rose for his infidelity. I was out of line. It’s lust, it’s sin.”

      Once it all started very romantic: he participated in the popular program “let’s get married!”, she is a leading. First mutual sympathy soon escalate into a great feeling. And it seems that ahead Rose Sabitova, as well as Yuri Andreev, waiting for a happy life. Family but the marriage was short-lived: the people’s matchmaker, always urging participants of its programme to patience and respect to each other, could not stand insults and scandals of her husband. Divorce was not without hassle. Yuri Andreev said about ex-wife many shocking things later much regretted.

      Alexey Panin and Lyudmila Grigorieva

      Living with him is still what to expect a fire in the house. Perhaps it was considered Lyudmila Grigorieva – the former wife of actor Alexey Panin, famous for his violent temper, and a passion for the unexpected, shocking others antics. While the actor was on tour in Kazakhstan, the woman filed for divorce.

      And for the first time “funny animal” miserable. The news of the departure of his wife a hard hit to the ego of the actor. Alexey Panin suddenly remembered that he has a family, a lovely woman, strong relationships. Now the artist regularly begs his wife’s forgiveness for his actions, vows to make amends and willing to make any sacrifice to return to its former family happiness.

      Alexey Panin makes repairs to his ex-wife

      “After I returned the daughter, and again began to work, I started to make repairs. I hope that things will get better soon and my wife will come back. I want to give it back to her apartment. I wish she knew that, no matter what happens in life, it is where to live,” with the pleading voice said these words Alexey Panin in an interview with “StarHit”.