«Я нездоровый человек»: как врачи чудом спасли Максима Фадеева Familiar producer spoke about his major surgery. Maxim Fadeev experienced, what is clinical death. At the age of 17 he underwent a serious surgical intervention.
«Я нездоровый человек»: как врачи чудом спасли Максима Фадеева

Maxim Fadeev – talented producer, who for many years of creative activity gave the world of show business a few talented artists. From an early age he was into music. Family Fadeyeva lived in the Mound. Alexander Fadeyev, was a composer, musicologist and teacher of the Kurgan regional musical College. His student Tatiana Ivanova was familiar with their family. The woman remembers that he was a very smart boy. In 17 years, Fadeev had serious heart problems.

“He’s not a healthy boy and does not hide it, he’s having a heart disease. The operation he underwent when he was in College, it was then miraculously saved. We all prayed for him. I remember how some teachers complained about him due to the fact that he misses classes. And I always said, “What nonsense! He can catch up in one fell swoop!” I was his lawyer. And now, when I hear about something unpleasant, I do not believe anything. I know that he is a very kind and fair man.” – said Tatiana Petrovna reporters.

Maxim admitted later that at that moment suffered clinical death. However, health problems did not end. Many years later, when the producer was 38, he lost his hearing. He later tried to restore it.

“We lived in the same yard in Moscow. Sometimes saw him sat in the evenings and was off somewhere on his large machine. Always wore black clothes, glasses and hat to him, apparently, not learned. You know what would Fadeev nor did he with his talent have all been proved… In the 38 years he began to lose his hearing. Say that even going to leave the profession. But God did not let him go. Someone called him and said that his diagnosis is not hopeless. The Chinese doctor helped him cope with the disease,” admitted neighbor Maxim Tatyana Krutova.

Maxim Fadeev parents divorced. The father continued to live in Kurgan. The last time his dad was very ill. When a relative passed away, max was very worried.

“When life divided the Fadeev family, I of course was on the side of Alexander Ivanovich. It is clear that the support of his favorite teacher in all. It was then another family, Svetlana Petrovna, too. Extreme our meeting with Maxim and Svetlana took place 15 years ago. We then talked with Maxim about his work. I said, “Well, what is this song “Chocolate hare”?” And he replied: “Tanya, what do you want? I need to write the songs that the crowd likes it. You know what I ill person should care about his family. Here for money I write this, and for the soul and the people that I love another.” After all, there is his serious music. It warms my soul musicologist. He told me then that he wanted to create his music school. I am sure that his dream he realized — will find creative teachers and to educate a new generation of musicians”, – said Tatyana Ivanova in an interview with “Interlocutor”.