«Я собираюсь сделать паузу!» Певица Нюша уходит в декрет
Star is going to devote a lot of time for his firstborn.

Photo: Instagram

Singer Nyusha, who this fall will be the first time mother, is going on maternity leave. The star has only a few performances in the coming weeks, and then it will cease for an indefinite period to give concerts and to tour.

Of course, all this is due to the last months of pregnancy, during which doctors recommend women to take care of oneself and to avoid the increased activity and travel. Pregnancy Nyusha is good, the singer feels great, it is going to come to Baku for the festival “Heat”, and the star did not cancel a long-planned speech in Turkey.

“Today I realized that coming serious break, not a creative, but touring… — shared Nyusha with the fans. — Indeed, for the first time in the 10 years I have to take a little break… Very exciting!”

Despite its “interesting” situation, the singer continues to lead an active lifestyle. She plays sports and dances, just avoid exercises and movements with the load on the abdominal muscles. To completely abandon the work-so not ready yet. Last month it plans to actively engage with new songs, but then, when her baby will be born, the first time she is going to devote to the child. The singer there is no urgent need to run to the stage and earn “all the money in the world”, she could easily afford to enjoy motherhood.

Unlike many of his colleagues, the singer will give birth abroad, and in Moscow clinic “Lapino”. As expected, the star, the future mom visits her through a private entrance, and a contract for the maintenance of pregnancy and the VIP births is 1 million rubles.

It is known that after the baby is born, so a few days will hold in a comfortable house: at this time the child will spend all the necessary procedures, and the singer a little rest after the birth.

Rumors about the pregnancy Nyusha went with winter, but officially confirmed its “interesting position” the artist only at the end of may.

“Yes, we expect replenishment in the family. It is a great joy for me. At a certain time is not accepted to talk about it. A few months there were various rumors, I did not want to comment on something. Now it has become obvious,” said Jane at the launch of his debut fashion collection. For 27-year-old actress, this will be the first child, but her husband already has two children from his first marriage.