«Я около часа гуглил свое имя», — Роберт Паттинсон рассказал о съемках в «Бэтмене»

Robert Pattinson talked about his obsession with Batman and the negative reaction from comic fans on the news that it fell to him to play a legendary character.

«Я около часа гуглил свое имя», — Роберт Паттинсон рассказал о съемках в «Бэтмене»

The star of “Twilight” Robert Pattinson has always loved comic books and movies about the Dark Knight. Growing up in England, Robert loved to watch “Batman” by Tim Burton.

And now, after dozens of years he was lucky to embody your favorite hero on a larger screen. About the shooting, he said in an interview with “Variety”.

In childhood the only Rob’s suit was the clothes of Batman (actor grew up on Tim Burton films), but Pattinson is not recognized where it was worn.

— If I talk about it in interviews, then I for sure will be fun. I say if you play a character, — confessed the actor.

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Undercover Batman

Does, polirani Robert Pattinson (@official_robertpattinson) 4 Tra 2018 R. 7:37 PDT

Before officially become Batman Pattinson played in the movie “the lighthouse” by Robert Era — surreal drama about two officers of the lighthouse. It was shot on black and white film through the lens of the 1920-ies, therefore, all had very intense lighting. During the flight to the presentation of the film in Cannes, the actor was stunned by the news about Batman.

Interesting coincidence, Robert found out about getting the role of the Dark knight the day before shooting in another movie — “tenet” of Christopher Nolan.

So, during the flight from Los Angeles to the Cannes film festival for the world premiere of his film “the lighthouse” (a few days before the filming of the film “tenet”) 33-year-old actor found out that the Network actively begin to discuss what exactly he will become the new Batman. Someone leaked it to the press this secret information. Such information was premature, because the actor didn’t even audition. Then Pattinson was afraid that the chatter around his person will make the heads of Warner Bros. to abandon his employment.

When this information was leaked, I was furious, recalls Pattinson. Were all so upset. All of my team to panic. Then it seemed to me that all failed.

During his flight on the plane happened another funny coincidence. While he nervously searched the Internet for any updated information about yourself and “the Batman,” the man beside him bent down to say Hello.

— I was sitting next to Christopher Mcquarrie, says Pattinson. I never met him before. Oh My God! He saw I googled myself in the last hour!

Pattinson tried to explain to Oscar-winning Director of the recent movie “Mission impossible” that happened.

— Don’t worry, ‘ said Mcquarrie, nodding. I probably would have done the same.

After the presentation of the “Lighthouse” at the Cannes film festival Robert Pattinson immediately returned to Los Angeles to complete the final phase of the audition for the role of Batman, already having donned the costume of the Dark knight.

— Perhaps, this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done in terms of a movie — said Pattinson.
The actor recalls that the first time I tried on a Batman costume, then it seemed to him that he really was “Superman”.

And here I am wearing it. I remember saying to Matt “It really transforms!”, and he told me in response “I hope so! You’re literally in overalls”.

Pattinson describes what was like that moment: —

You immediately feel very strong. And it is amazing! However, to get into the costume is not so easy, even a little humiliating. You have five people trying to push you into it. But once you put that suit on, I immediately change and think: “Yes, strong, I am brave and determined, although I had a few people, clutching my buttocks to climb”.

The actor clearly imagined how to be Batman in his performance, thought out movements and facial expressions. But the idea of how to play, had to adapt to possible movements in a latex costume.

Are you trying to figure out a way to simultaneously bring something new to the role, but I don’t want to scare people away strange movements, says Pattinson. — You need to work within the suit.

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Does, polirani Robert Pattinson (@official_robertpattinson) 2 Fierce 2018 R. about 12:50 PST

After five days of listening, Robert became aware that now he officially became the Dark Knight.

I was absolutely happy when Matt called and told this good news, says Pattinson. This is really weird. I learned just on the first day of filming of the movie “tenet” of Christopher Nolan (he made a trilogy of “Batman” — ed.). Do such coincidences can happen in reality? This is absolutely crazy.

The advantage was that the actor was able to ask questions about Batman Nolan to find useful information and get tips role.

Prior to this, the role of the Dark Knight was played by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian bale and Ben Affleck.

And when the world learned that Robert Pattinson will be the new Batman, the reaction of some fans, the actor made little doubt yourself. Against him in social networks, a real war began. So, on the website “Change.org” there was even a petition to Warner Bros. to reconsider its decision.

— It will ruin my childhood dreams, wrote one commenter.

But Pattinson remained surprisingly optimistic about such a mixed reaction.

— Honestly, it was less violently than I expected,” admitted the actor.

To questions about will there be more movies about Batman with his part, Pattinson says that he does not know about it.

I don’t know anything, — firmly said the actor.

It is worth noting that Robert Pattinson has never ceased to be an Internet phenomenon after he played Edward Cullen in the series Twilight. This film brought him not only fame and love girls, and and subjected the possibility for life to be held hostage to one image. But after the franchise about a vampire ended, Pattinson has chosen a different acting path. The actor refused massive blockbusters, working instead with independent authors. Pattinson enjoyed playing them in the movies, not caring about the hype and the expectations of the audience.

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