Ilze Liepa speaks out against the meetings of the daughter with the father

Илзе Лиепа высказывается против встреч дочери с отцом
According to the journalist, the Presnensky court of Moscow has supported the party of the ex-spouse of the ballerina Ilze Liepa, Vladislav Paulus.

Илзе Лиепа высказывается против встреч дочери с отцом

The man wrote in the lawsuit that would change the schedule of meetings with his daughter Hope. According to Vladislav, the ex-wife did not allow him to see his heir.

Since the couples divorce it’s been four years, but they still could not resolve the conflict regarding the General’s daughter.

“Ilze is a very painful subject. Paulus brought her a lot of grief. Recently, she wanted to go with her daughter abroad, but Vladislav didn’t give her permission, had to go to court”, – said the relatives of the ballerina.

The man admits that he tried to make peace with Ilze, but she ignored his letters.

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