Ilya Yabbarov sued Alexander Gosias in a million

Илья Яббаров предъявил иск Александре Гозиас на миллион A man wants to return the money. Ilya Yabbarov talked about the financial claims to Alexander Goias. He also intends to stop the flow of accusations from once-close friend.
Илья Яббаров предъявил иск Александре Гозиас на миллион

Not long ago, former participant reality show “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov had a fight with her friend Alexandra Goias. As it turned out, the cause of the conflict was the money issue. According to the man, he took a loan of 200 thousand rubles, but eventually she forgot about the agreements and demanded from him the amount of the debt. Yabbarov didn’t expect from a friend such relationship, and therefore was surprised by her claims.

“When I took the money, Sasha and I agreed that I’ll introduce her with two customers on advertising in Instagram. For seven months she was regularly doing sponsored posts, for which I, as mediator, was to receive 40% to cover its debt in 200 thousand. But apparently she forgot about that and began to demand from me money,” – said Ilya “StarHit”.

Man can’t believe what Alexander did. According to him, the girl never transferred him the money. Ilya admitted that for seven months Goias is published twice a day, and each post in the social network, according to his calculations, cost 20 thousand rubles.

“Customers are happy, and I was left with nothing. So she still have the nerve to call me on the phone to demand money and threaten! I did not tolerate such an attitude – if we are unable to negotiate peacefully, we understand in court. We lawyers have determined that we require a million roubles there and its debt agreement with advertisers, as well as compensation for moral damage – said Yabbarov. – I understand that Sasha did not sign the documents, but I have all the correspondence that prove that we had certain agreements”.

Ilya unfortunate that Alexander, whom he considered a close friend, had deceived him. Yabbarov admitted that he trusted her with secrets. Man it’s a shame that now Gosias tells his secrets. Ilya Yabbarov publicly apologized to the daughter

“Sasha was like a sister to me. And now she said that the daughter of Vladislav I’m not native… I hate that thus the truth became known to my family. Yes, now there is no need to hide – it’s the child of my wife Cristina, which I raise and love as his,” admitted Elijah.

Former reality show participant told that he could not fully understand the position of Goias. Even friends were powerless in this matter – some have taken the position of Alexandra, and some of the friends supports the Ilya. The man himself hopes that the court will be able to put the final point in this case and stop the stream of insults in his address.