Ilya Yabbarov reconciled with Olga Rapunzel after the scandal of paternity

Илья Яббаров помирился с Ольгой Рапунцель после скандала с отцовством Participants of the project spent the night together. Ilya returned to the “House-2” with a desire to win the favor of Marina Jurevoj. He gave her flowers and invited to live together. However, the sleep they had in Rapunzel.

The project “Dom-2” came back Ilya Yabbarov. The man decided to try to build a relationship with Marina Jurevoj. He arrived at the site on the tractor and gave striking blonde beautiful bouquet. They decided together to move into one of the rooms. However, it turned out that for them there was no housing, so they had to ask the other project participants to provide them with a place to sleep.

It turned out that they have to stay in the VIP house Olga Rapunzel. The pregnant participant of the project, was outraged by this turn of events. Some time ago Yabbarov stated that he had intimacy with a young woman in the back seat of the car. Olga then took offense to Ilya. However, it seems that he managed to reconcile with Rapunzel.

“Rapunzel, on the contrary we were allowed. She says “stay overnight, no problem!”There is no problem because I have normal Brine right now. Just from the Marina I was a female in heat, so there were some problems with the population initially,” said Ilya.

Earlier Yabbarov already tried to establish communication with Rapunzel. The man said he was willing to raise the child of Olga, when she came to the project after the scandals with her husband Dmitry Dmitrenko. Then Yabbarov hinted at intimacy with a member of the TV show.

“One day, Olga was in depression, because Dima is in every possible way scoffed at her. In the mental conversation I reminded her about what happened between us. We are not saved by our feelings, although our relationship was good. She was always smiling. We were just talking heart to heart, and then she put her hand around my manhood. I looked at her because he was surprised. She, too, looked at me, smiled, and gently pinched. I immediately turned and hugged her… then we had sex in the back seat of the car. I think it was not a feeling, and passion. It’s indescribable. Of course, we do not talk about it,” said Ilya edition Dom2Life.

We will remind, at Jabbarova has a daughter, whom he does not communicate for several years. Besides Ilya periodically went into debt for alimony. Apparently, now the situation is normal.